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If you spent most of 2015 swamped beneath the sweating carcass of a huge, post coital, brown bear, then you may have missed the now iconic moment of Leonardo DiCaprio getting mauled/raped/utterly savaged by one in The Revenant. But fret not, for this weekend brought something that was almost as good as the "real" thing.

At the MTV Awards, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Kart united to bring a hilarious performance to the masses, one that places the time "Leo got fucked by a bear," back to its rightful, humping, show-stealing position.

In a ridiculously raunchy, F-bomb ridden rap, the duo celebrated 25 years of the Movie Awards with a performance laden with mash-ups from the year's big hitters — The Martian, Jurassic World, Deadpool and Concussion — gyrating furry's and celebrity cameos who took it in turns to reveal where they where when "Leo got fucked by a bear."

The rap-attack cemented Johnson and Hart as two of the slickest MCs in the bizz, but according to MTV, the whole thing can be traced back to to Disney’s upcoming animated film Moana.

In the movie, Johnson voices the character of demigod Maui and has spent months in the studio recording alongside composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda, and it would seem he has grown pretty boastful about his slick rap skills. So, when the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is arose, it was jumped upon.

Executive producer Casey Patterson explained to MTV News:

“He was in the studio with [Lin] as we were developing the show, and he sent me a text that said, ’You won’t believe what a baller I am. I’m straight-up a rapper now.’ And I was like, ’OK. We’ll write you a rap.”

And thus, genius was born. Watch in full below:

Where were you when Leo got fucked by a bear?

Source: MTV


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