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What are you talking about?

Now just to clarify she is definitely in the movie but she is not in the actual team as previously implied. If you see this image:

I'm assuming deadshot is behind amanda waller.
I'm assuming deadshot is behind amanda waller.

You will notice that behind Amanda Waller there are only six people who are designated for the squad. This implies that Enchantress must actually either be the target they are rescuing or escorting or whatever the mission is, OR she may actually be the villain.

Who is the villain?

This is architect June Moon who got possessed by the which enchantress at a party. She may be the one who created the creatures the squad are fighting in the latest trailer.

However as shown below when boomerang and katana hit the creatures. It looks like rock particles are coming off them.

This could easily be the work of enchantress, however alternatively could actually be the work of Terra. Who can create rock soldiers and can control rock.

The likeliness is slim but however this is a superhero movie so anything could happen.

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