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Now, with Captain America: Civil War fast approaching theaters, it's not overly surprising that speculation is rife as to just what we'll see in the movie — especially now that the first handful of critics have had the chance to see it. Alongside question marks over the survival chances of certain beloved heroes and theorizing about potential post-credits sequences, though, one particular costuming possibility seems set to loom large over the next few weeks of waiting. Specifically, that of Spider-Man's 'Iron Spider' costume.

Having made its first appearance in the lead-up to Marvel's comic-book Civil War event (and been discarded during the course of proceedings), the 'Iron Spider' costume was a Tony Stark-designed battlesuit which Peter Parker briefly donned while battling on Iron Man's side (and which you can see above). Now, whether or not we'll see the costume in the MCU very much remains to be seen, but in the meantime...

An Intrepid Artist Has Created an Incredible Customized 'Iron Spider' Action Figure

Specifically, ace toy customizer Sam Kwok has transformed a Hot Toys Iron Man action figure into an impressive fan-made approximation of Spidey's Iron Spider armor, complete with both its traditional trio of 'spider-legs'...

...and an MCU-friendly Iron Man-armor feel to it:

Now, just to keep our fingers, toes, and triplicate spider-legs crossed that we actually get to see something similar on the big screen. In the meantime, though, you can check out more of Sam Kwok's awesome work right here.

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