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Ex-Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham is renowned for her perfect poise and decorum — yet in a recent shoot with Vogue China it would seem that the international superstar has fallen victim to a less-than-chic Photoshop fail.

VB shared several images from her spread on Instagram over the weekend and, while she still manages to look like the most fashionable of flamingos, fans seem unable to get past the glaring error. Can you spot it?

Yes, while the 41-year-old is striking an admirably contortionist pose, it looks as if her anchor leg is totally detached from her body!

On closer inspection, it's arguable that the worrying chunk of deleted flesh is either white underwear or a strip of fabric from the shirt she's modeling — which is probably just as well, because if I were Ms. Beckham I'd be far more concerned about the sixth toe which makes an appearance in another image from the spread, wouldn't you?

Despite missing limbs and extra toes, the shoot flashes Posh Spice's outstanding figure and flexibility, for which she can apparently thank recent ballet lessons. Color us jealous!

Undies, shirt or levitating leg? Discuss.


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