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As anyone who has ever spent hours conjuring up a comprehensive fan casting can tell you, casting a movie is nowhere near as straightforward as it might at first glance seem. After all, even without the extreme limitations created by actor's interest, salary requirements and availability, the process still requires a whole lot of boxes to be ticked. On-screen chemistry has to be taken into account, as does the ability of each individual performer to match up to both the requirements of the role and the expectations of the audience (something doubly true in the case of an adaptation) — not to mention the fact that pretty much every major decision has to be run by a horde of senior creatives, often with wildly differing views.

What's more, it remains one of the most highly scrutinized roles within the whole film-making process — something the casting professionals working on Wolverine 3 have likely became acutely aware of over the past few days, as it has become increasingly obvious that...

The Identity of 'Wolverine 3's New Villain Might Just Change Everything

Specifically, the revelation that Boyd Holbrook (above) will, according to Deadline, be heading to Fox's Wolverine 3 as:

"...a relentless, calculating, and intense head of security for a global enterprise who is set against [Hugh] Jackman’s clawed Wolverine/Logan hero..."

— might just reveal something pretty huge about the movie.

That apparent revelation?

Boyd Holbrook's Casting Seems To Suggest That the Movie WON'T Be Adapting Marvel's 'Old Man Logan' After All

Or, at least, that the film is set to adapt the Mark Millar-penned 2008-09 storyline far more loosely than was previously expected. After all, Millar's original tale was a non-canon, post-apocalyptic road-trip set against a backdrop of supervillainous control of the United States. Determining that their interests would be better served working together than individually, this alternative reality had seen Earth's mightiest villains slaughter pretty much every hero around — and, in the case of the X-Men, trick Wolverine into doing it for them.

Which, while a twisting, ultra-violent tale, contains very little scope for "a relentless, calculating and intense head of security," seeing as it's largely set in a post-industrial wasteland of petty fiefdoms and super-powered warlords — an environment in which there would seem to be limited scope for "a global enterprise...set against [Hugh] Jackman’s clawed Wolverine" to operate.

As such, it seems that we aren't going to be seeing a faithful adaptation of "Old Man Logan" after all — or are we? Y'see

Boyd Holbrook Announced Role Might Just Be a Cunning Diversion

After all, seeing as what we know so far about the Narcos star's role seems to reduce the sum total of our understanding of the movie as a whole's likely plot, it's entirely possible that it was always intended to do so — with his casting intended to muddy the waters of speculation, allowing the filmmakers time to, y'know, make the movie in peace.

Here, then, are three possible comic-book roles that Holbrook could be playing, were Fox to turn out to have been messing with us all along:

3. An Agent of Factor Three

If we assume for a moment that the "global enterprise" referred to in Holbrook's character's description refers to a previously introduced organization within the Marvel universe, then one of the most plausible would seem to be Factor Three. A loose affiliation of evil mutants (which ultimately turned out to be run by a cunningly disguised alien, but it's probably best to ignore that part), Factor Three would be one of the more obvious Fox-owned alternatives to the noticeably Marvel Studios property-filled supervillain alliance of the original Old Man Logan.

Could Holbrook perhaps be playing a modernized version of shape-changer Kevin "Changeling" Sidney (above), one of the original X-Men's more dangerous foes?

Alternatively, we could perhaps be set to see Wolverine battle...

2. A Mind Controlling Mutant of Some Kind

The original "Old Man Logan," after all, hinges on Wolverine being tricked into killing the rest of the X-Men by the illusions of Spider-Man villain Mysterio — who Fox doesn't have the rights to. Could Holbrook perhaps be playing a mind-controlling mutant of some kind instead? If so, then Jason "Mastermind" Wyngarde (pictured above, disguised through his abilities) could be an obvious candidate.

It's also, of course, entirely possible that we'll see Wolverine 3 stick far less closely to "Old Man Logan" than we suspect, in which case we might just see Holbrook play...

1. A Man Far Closer To Wolverine Than You'd Think

Namely, Wolverine's son, Daken. Who, if the movie chooses to focus more on "Old Man Logan's" older Wolverine and focus on brutality than the storyline's actual plot, would make for an intriguing antagonist.

After all, Daken and Wolverine were long at odds in their comic-book forms, with the former periodically flirting with redemption before ultimately returning to the dark side — and forcing his father to kill him.

Were the movie not overly inclined to feature Hugh Jackman drowning his own son in a puddle however, there's always the chance that Holbrook could be introduced as an edgier heir to the Wolverine franchise, perhaps alongside an as-yet-unannounced X-23, Wolverine's young female clone.

"Old Man Logan," after all, is a concept that could just as easily be explored via Wolverine's increasing awareness of his own mentality as it could be through a straight attempt at the largely impossible to adapt comic-book storyline.

All of that as the main takeaway from a casting perspective, though? Even when you work for weeks to find the right — critically acclaimed — young actor to join the cast of your superhero epic, all the likes of me are going to end up doing is analyzing what that tells us about the film's plot. Honestly, who'd be a casting director, amiright?

What do you reckon, though?


Who do you think Boyd Holbrook will end up playing in 'Wolverine 3'?

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