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There was a time, not so long ago, when we were crying out for Spider-Man. We knew Peter Parker would be making his highly anticipated entrance into the MCU — then BOOM. That Civil War trailer dropped and we finally got what we wanted.

The next question is about how big a role Tom Holland's Spidey will have. His inclusion has been shrouded in mystery, and up until now it has been generally assumed his role would be nothing more than a cameo.

How Much Spider-Man?

However, ScreenCrush editor Mike Sampson, who has had access to early screenings of the film, has shared some information that suggests we'll get copious amounts of the Webslinger. Yay! He tweeted:

Wait, Did He Just Confirm There's An Entire Half An Hour Of Spider-Man?!

But — but that's not a cameo! That's a solid amount of screen time. Has Marvel been deceiving us? Is Spidey really going to feature much more than we had hoped, dreamed even?

It seems Sampson is a reliable source, and if this news is true, it'll certainly throw up some interesting questions in relation to Peter Parker's role in the film, and the impact he has. Sampson also had a word on that:

Ahhhhhhh, is it May already?!

Team Iron Man v Team Captain America

Captain America: Civil War is an epic battle between two superhero factions. Following the considerable levels of damage occurring during the movie's predecessor, Avengers: Age of Ultron, questions have been raised over the need to regulate superhero activity.

On one side, team Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) supports regulation, while Captain America (Chris Evans) and his team believe superheroes should be free to do their business without being impeded.

Spidey, as we've seen from the trailer, will be on Tony Stark's side. But now it looks like he'll be heavily involved, will he have an important part to play in the feud's resolution?

It's all too much! But at least now we only have to wait until May 6th until 'Civil War' is released in cinemas.

How do you think Spider-Man will influence the battle in 'Civil War'?



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