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Whatever the mixed reactions to Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you've got to admit — the guys behind the latest DC feature have hit the jackpot in regards to the global box office.

Not only did the juggernaut smash Man of Steel out of the way in terms of global figures, but it has just blown Deadpool out of the ballpark this past weekend. The latter is particularly noteworthy, considering the fact that the past two weeks have seen considerable drops for DC's blockbuster.

Despite that, though, it appears Batman v Superman has managed to catch up with the insanely impressive $380 million Deadpool raked in at the domestic box office. Indeed, thanks to its huge opening weekend and the fact that people all over the world have been falling at Superman and Batman's feet right, left and center, it appears that the movie has reached praiseworthy digits already. Remind yourself why with the trailer below:

Ultimately, taking into account the dollar it took at the North American box office, the total comes to over $783,500,000 globally — over $25 million more than what Deadpool scraped in worldwide. Who'd have thought, huh?

After knocking out Deadpool's $755 million, the movie also passed The Amazing Spider-Man ($758M), Guardians of the Galaxy ($773M), and the original Star Wars ($775M). The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are proving harder to beat though, considering both grossed over $1 billion globally.

Although those behind Batman v Superman long hoped to gather close to this nine-digit figure, only $800 million is actually required to make the film technically profitable — that's because it only took $400 million to make (production and marketing budgets combined.) Nice one, guys!

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