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Now, the new trailer for Suicide Squad came out of nowhere, and amazed us! Now, i am gonna break down to you all of the cool easter eggs and references in this trailer.

#1) Superman II Reference...By The President!

Superman II
Superman II

In the beggining of the trailer, the president referenced a scene in Superman II, when Zod comes and tears the roof of the white house, and grabs the president from the oval office.

Just putting 'Superman' into the thing, but whatever.

#2) Finally! Head Explosions

As it is implied by Rick Flag in the trailer, if anyone screws up or betrays them, they 'die' but we all know, classic Suicide Squad, will have their members heads explode if they betray the operation, but considering this is still a PG-13 film, i don't know whether that'll happen, but considering Ayer and the Squad, it might happen.

#3) Harley Quinn...And Deadshot?

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

As you can see in the picture above you, Harley Quinn winks at Will Smith's Deadshot.

Again, this is a PG-13 film, so they can't have know, have 'fun' like in Assault On Arkham.

#4) Batman! Saving Harley Quinn?

Now, in this shot right here, we can see Batman, and the batmobile, carrying a woman which looks like Harley Quinn, but if you're confused, then i shall explain this to you, well, not really, more like a theory.

Maybe after her transformation, Harley is saved by Batman, who takes her to Arkham or something, and then Joker takes her, and then she gets back into Arkham, and then the events of the film happened, and...doesn't Batsy looks soo bloody badass!

#5) Tatto Man? Common?

As you can see in this screenshot, in the mirror behind Joker, you can clearly see someone, and that someone looks like Common's character in the movie?

Well, he recently said that his character isn't Tatto Man, but rather a character called Monster T. Well, that's cool, i guess.

#6) The Joker..Burned? By Diablo?

Joker Played By Jared Leto
Joker Played By Jared Leto

As you can see, the Joker's face in this shot, is badly burned, but who caused it? Well, Diablo, since his powers are...duh, fire-based.


This trailer got me like:
This trailer got me like:

And one last easter egg, that scene above is where the Joker is torturing Harley Quinn, before she got insane, and the Joker enjoys it, that sick lovable bastard.

Are you seing Suicide Squad? Did this trailer make you hope in the DCEU, again? Well, i do hope.


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