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Game of Thrones season 6 is near and we'll be able to find out have you ever thought does any of our favorite GOT Characters have tattoos? What would they look like if they had some bada*s tattoos? Well, designer Hilary Heffron does a lot of graphical makeup for the GOT Characters and this time she added some street style to the people of Westeros.

Jon Snow: Olly Must Die!

Oh, Jon looks so cool he has all these tattoos! He has the Targaryean emblem, 'Winter is Coming' and of course, 'I know nothing' in memory of Ygritte.

Daenerys Targaryen: Dany Was Here

She doesn't go anywhere without her dragons, and I just can't stop laughing at the writing on the wall. Writing 'Dany was here' seems out of character in a hilarious way.

Tyrion Lannister: Impin' Ain't Easy

Couldn't have said it better, Tyrion. He sports the Lannister's emblem and a glass of wine.

Arya Stark: Arya Mad Bro?

Arya Looks so awesome with the Valar Morghulis on one hand and her direwolf on the other.

Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish: WesterHoes

He looks like the boss of a street gang here. Once you have seen this, it can't be unseen...

Margaery Tyrell

Margery looks like she would ace sitting on the throne here.

Khal Drogo... in denim?

He already had some awesome tattoos and we kinda know how he would look, but these are even better! The major difference is his choice of pants. Can you imagine the Dothraki wearing those jeans on the show?!

Ramsay Snow: Bolton

Looks like he's taking a mug shot for jail here. Well, he is a psychopath, so maybe it's a good idea. These tattoos make him even scarier!


Well, at least Jon Snow knows a little. Ygritte is beautiful and these tattoos make her look dangerous and sexy at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this artwork from Hilary Heffron. If you did, go and visit her tumblr page, she has a lot more to see!


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