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Bianca Bradey will be joining the cast of Finnish superhero movie Rendel in April for the final two weeks of shooting. Bradey is known for her strong performance in the zombie-horror movie Wyrmwood.

Bradey was the first pick for Jesse Haaja, director of Rendel. Haaja was impressed by Bradey’s acting:

- After seeing Bianca in Wyrmwood I immediately phoned our producer Miika J. Norvanto and told him that there’s only one option for the role of Stacy. And that is Bianca.

Bradey loves challenging and inspirational projects
Bradey loves challenging and inspirational projects

Bradey herself can’t wait for her shooting to start next week. To her the movie is an opportunity to be involved in a film that is truly unique as it is the very first superhero movie of Finland:

- I love working on projects that I find challenging and inspirational; films that are outside the box and strongly character driven. Rendel embodies all of these aspects, it’s dark and moody, with an amazing cast, and such a fresh take on the genre!

The Australian star Bradey will be joined by actress Sheila Shah (Saw V) who has been picked to play the role of Julia. Shah and Haaja have had intense conversations about Shah’s character prior to filming and Haaja is convinced it will pay off in the movie:

- I’m sure we will be able to see a side of Sheila that audiences haven’t experienced before.

Sheila Shah will play the role of Julia
Sheila Shah will play the role of Julia

Haaja has high expectations of his actresses but Shah is ready for the challenge:

- I've always wanted to do a badass character in a superhero movie and I’m excited to embark on this character's journey with such a talented director. I’m also looking forward to filming as I've never had a chance to visit Finland before.

The shooting will be finished in time for the Cannes Film Festival in May for negotiations and sales worldwide. The Finnish superhero has already caused quite a stir with international buyers:

- There has been interest in buying Rendel to several countries but at this point I can’t say much more. We will be announcing news as soon as it is possible.

Rendel is based on the comic character created by Finnish director and producer Jesse Haaja. In the movie the masked vigilante Rendel seeks for revenge and fights against notorious VALA criminal organization.

Rendel’s journey from a social media hit into a full grown superhero movie has already gained tens of thousands of followers and Rendel enthusiasts from all around the world. Rendel will be finished by the end of the year.


Rendel is a comic character created by director Jesse Haaja 17 years ago in Finland. Now, over a decade after the first sketches, the masked avenger Rendel is about to hit the cinemas. RENDEL will be the first Finnish superhero movie ever. The project was launched on March 27, 2014.


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