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I recently re-watched Jurassic World for the third time and boy is it good. I feel like it was slightly overshadowed that year by other big Blockbusters like the Force Awakens and Fury Road but holds up as both a great sequel and stand-alone film. Though the end really got me thinking where would the story go next, I don't think a sequel would work but after the success of the film and the franchise value a sequel is a no-brainer for Universal. Owen and Claire's story is over but it still begs the question of what next what would happen after that story? This is my idea for a sequel...

First Act:

After the incident at Jurassic World and many deaths the park has been shut down and Isla Nublar is now a restricted Island. After Masranis Death In-Gen has become Bankrupt, at the San Diego headquarters a board meeting is taking place discussing the direction of the company. A severe business-Woman and former assistance of Masrani, Anne Floyd is elected to take control of In-Gen she wishes to restore the Company and believes the way to do this is to return to Nublar to recover valuable Lab technologies. Floyd begins assembling a team to return to Nublar, she first contacts Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) who now lives happily with Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Claire turns down the offer but instead suggests Joe her friend from University, an Archaeologist. Joe hasn't spoken to Claire for seven years but she persuades him to take a job not telling him about Nublar. Floyd also assigns Barry (Omar Sy) Owens friend who worked at the park and his friend Tara a fellow trainer. Joe gets a plain to Costa-Rica where he meets Barry and Tara who he is immediately attracted to. They also meet a big-game hunter, Whitaker. Floyd arrives with an In-Gen team of former ACU agents, Joe who was unaware about visiting Nublar freaks out only to be Tranqued by Whitaker. Joe awakes on Isla Nublar with Whitaker at a base camp. The team go to the control centre to restore power to the Island.

Second Act:

They arrive at an eerie Main Street still playing the tourist notifications, they enter the main lab where Floyd begins to recover the technology, this infuriates Tara and Barry has to step in to calm her down. Joe notices monitors showing multiple Hybrids planned and several eggs which had been broken open. The Lab is attacked by Velocoraptors and the team run back out into Main Street. The raptors eat an ACU agent carrying Lab equipment and pursue the team through the streets. Barry, Tara and Joe back onto the bridge over the Mosasaurs cage believing it to of died of starvation. One of the raptors is eaten by the Mosasaur as it jumps out of the water to grab its prey. The three run along the bridge avoiding the Mosasaur and eventually arrive back on land cornered by Blue the last surviving raptor of Barry and Owens. Barry attempts to Bond with Blue and Blue runs off leaving them alive. The three regroup with Floyd and another ACU agent and return to the base camp in the jungle. That night Tara tends to Joes wounds and he reveals that he isn't an archaeologist but writes Children's books about dinosaurs. Tara sympathises with him and Joe explains how he was against Jurassic World as he was worried history would repeat itself and refused to speak to Claire after she got a job there. Joe also speaks to Whitaker who reveals his goal is to kill a T-Rex to add to his collection. That night Barry hears the scream of a T-Rex and warns Floyd they need to move. The next morning the team move to the Control room, they restores power to the room and the computer reveals the location of every known dinosaur on the island. Floyd sends Barry, Joe and Whitaker to retrieve a sample of several Dinosaurs. Tara learns that Floyd is planning to rebuild Jurassic World for more money and confronts Floyd about it, Floyd says that soon In-Gen won't be the only company that can make Dinosaurs and that it's all business. Barry, Joe and Whitaker are attacked by the T-Rex and a herd of Herbivores, the control room lose connection with all three and two ACU agents are killed.

Third Act:

Tara blames Floyd for setting them up to die, Floyd requests Tara's help to go to the control room to fix a power surge. Floyd attempts to shoot Tara but Tara escapes, a Dilophosaurus breaks into the Power room and attacks Floyd. Floyd also escapes but Tara Tranques her. Tara leaves on her bike to find Barry and Joe. Joe and Whitaker find themselves alive miles from where they were attacked and discover they are Baby food for the T-Rex, they escape and discover a building and safety. Floyd awakes and uses the phone to request In-Gen helicopters. Tara finds a half dead Barry, Tara rescues him. Joe and Whitaker are attacked by a T-Rex and Whitaker dies trying to kill it. Joe retriets to the building where he uses the phone to communicate with the Control room with no response. In-Gen helicopters arrive at Main-Street to pick up Floyd and all the equipment, Floyd learns that Nublar is going to be Nuked in an hour and the helicopters leave the island. Tara and Joe find eachother but are seperated by a Fence, the two share a kiss through the fence. The T-Rex arrives and Joe manages to escape to the other side of the island just in time. Pterodactyls attack the In-Gen helicopters crashing them down back into the jungle, Floyd just escapes the wreckage half alive. Tara and Joe return to the control room where they learn of the Nuke and plan to escape to the docks. They use an underwater tunnel underneath the Mosasaur enclosure. They confront Floyd who locks them in the tunnel as she escapes, the Mosasaur attacks the tunnel and water begins to seap in. Barry unlocks the door allowing Tara and Joe to escape. Floyd is attacked by Blue and killed. Tara and Joe reach the docks but find no Boats, the two prepare to die from the Nuke but once the government discover a communication from the island they divert the missile and it hits the ocean. The final shot of the film is Tara and Joe leaving the island and Joe reuniting with Claire who is now pregnant.

I know this idea isn't too original but I tried to make original characters and some characters from the previous film are fleshed out a bit more. I still don't think a Jurassic World sequel would work but this is my idea for the basis of a sequel as obviously it would need some work but thank you for reading and if you have any ideas for a sequel please comment your ideas.


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