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By the time the MTV movie awards ended, movie fans were blessed with new footage from many upcoming blockbusters. While I am excited to see all them, and will hopefully have enough time to write about all of them, there was one movie I am particularly excited to see: Captain America: Civil War. Check out the main part of the new footage below, which features the longest continuous clip of the movie that we've seen so far:

The most important thing that this trailer shows is that Captain America: Civil War is about exactly what we think it is about: superhero team-ups. This may seem obvious, but hear me out. I have been concerned because, leading up to the movie, fans seem to be focusing more on the politics and less on the action. Fans are caught on up which team -Team Cap or Team Iron Man- they side with, even though the only way that they can decide is based on how well they like the character. This is fine; I can appreciate a superhero movie with more depth. However, it almost seemed that the main appeal of the movie was that it was a drama containing our favorite superheros. Do not get me wrong; I always expected a lot of action. I just expected the action to be in between drama and not as important. Also, the past trailers and teasers did not show very many fight scenes where many heroes were working together. This new trailer changed that. It showed Team Captain America working together in a tactical situation. Before the new trailer, we had only seen snippets of the superheros standing together to prepare for battle. But, the new footage of them joining forces to actually fight a battle demonstrates the team's chemistry in combat. The clip reminded us that at its heart, Captain America: Civil War is about two superhero teams battling it out.

The team in question
The team in question


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