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After a three month wait (which was far too long, if you ask me), we finally have another Suicide Squad trailer. And much like the last one, it's a real spectacle. Badass characters, hilarious one-liners, color, and an amazing soundtrack show the kind of movie we're about to get.

Of course, behind the explosions and insanity, there's going to be a plot. A plot which we suspiciously know nothing about. Obviously, we know the basics from the name itself (and some classy dialogue from one Viola Davis); bad criminals are hired by bad government people to do good things in bad ways. But beyond that, we're fairly clueless. We don't know if the villain is Enchantress, some tentacle monster, or the Joker.

Speaking directly about the Joker now, the marketing thus far seemed to be intentionally vague about where he fits into the movie. Flashbacks? Probably. Villain? Safe choice (until said tentacle monster showed up). Anyways, yesterday's trailer seemed to clear that issue right up (thanks to some clever editing):

Done? Watched it twice? Okay, let's continue:

There's Some Standard, Non-Spoiler Joker Scenes

Of course, not every Joker scene is a spoiler, so it's pretty nice to just see him chilling. Either way, this doesn't tell us anything about how Joker fits into the movie, but another scene does:

'Uh Oh — Not Good!'

If you go back to the trailer and watch at 1:27, you can check out this clip. Obviously, there's some shifty editing to make it look like everyone's together and they hear a Joker laugh, but it's pretty clear that each member's shot is taken from other scenes (except Harley and Deadshot's). Either way, the point is made: the Squad is following orders, until...

Joker Crashes The Mission

Of course Joker would botch the mission. While it's pretty much a given that the Squad members will all have a hand in f*cking up the job, it's ultimately more fitting that the Clown Prince of Crime would wreck the plans for everyone. Government? Don't need 'em. Incarcerated villains/allies? Worthless.

But now that we know how the Joker fits in, what does that tell us about his other scenes in the trailer?

This Is Probably Him Hiring Monster T

You can see Common in the reflection behind the Joker, so this could very well be him hiring Monster T. This works for a few of reasons, namely a) he could be the subway villain, b) it shows that the Joker pulls the strings, and c) it makes sense for the Joker to interrupt afterward. So here's my incredibly vague theory: Joker learns about the Suicide Squad, and that Harley's in it. He hasn't seen Harley since his chase with Batman, where Batman took her away (more on that later). He wants her back and hires Monster T to be the first mission for the Squad. But oh no! They defeat him, meaning the Joker doesn't get his pseudo-girlfriend back. So, Joker gets up and goes after the Squad himself (who are currently looking for Enchantress?).

We Know How The Chase Ended

So, Joker and Harley were in a car with Batman on top. We see the car jump off a bridge into water, and we see Batman diving in after the car. The next time we see any of them in the same scenario, Joker is nowhere to be seen (he presumably escaped), Harley in unconscious, and Batman is carrying her into the Batmobile. It's pretty obvious that he captured her and handed her in to the authorities, thus giving Joker a new reason to hate Batman (and it now makes sense that he's trying to get to Harley).

And This Is Probably The Final Battle

Notice the stairs and door behind the Joker, and then check out where Deadshot and the crew are hanging out when they say "uh-oh":

See how at the far left of the Deadshot photo there are the same lights as on the staircase in the Joker photo? It's more than likely that Deadshot is aiming his gun at the Joker right now, who's standing right in front of him (and the Squad — or whoever remains of the Squad). Aaaand cue the soundtrack, CGI, action, and the wild card that is Harley Quinn.

What role do you think the Joker will play in 'Suicide Squad'?


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