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WARNING: Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' finale ahead.

The Season 6 finale episode of The Walking Dead closed on the biggest cliffhanger and, while we're all pulling teeth over bitten baseball bats, another major storyline from the episode has caused somewhat of a stir — and, unsurprisingly, spawned some pretty crazy fan theories.

From Poisoned Pickles To Zombie Fetuses, What Exactly Is Wrong With Maggie?

To recap, Maggie's illness played a huge part in the season finale — after all, her situation led the group toward Hilltop, resulting in the gang being cornered by the Saviors. As the episode reached its climax, just before someone got the crap Lucilled out of them, we were left with a worryingly ill Maggie:

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed recently in an interview with IGN that come Season 7, we'll find out exactly what's going on inside Maggie's tummy:

That hasn't stopped various Walking Dead lovers from throwing their own predictions and fears into the ring.

Seven Ideas Circulating About Maggie And Her Baby In AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

1. Enid Gave Maggie Poisoned Pickles

You'll remember in Season 5 when various suspicions surrounding Enid's true intentions started to circulate — she's mysterious, cold, munches on tortoises and uttered confusing, incomplete sentences that lead us to wonder if she was secretly a Wolf in sheep's clothing.

While that theory never materialized, perhaps we were barking up the wrong tree. Is Enid actually a spy for the Saviors, and could she have fed Maggie pickles to kill her unborn baby? Seems a tad extreme, but never say never.

Via PlayboyMommy
Via PlayboyMommy

Then again, if Enid's stuck in a closet until October, she might not be so much of a problem anyway.

2. Maggie Had A Secret Abortion

An idea that holds up to ridicule a little more than the poisoned pickles — after all, giving birth in a post-apocalyptic nightmare isn't exactly an ideal situation. But how, and when, would Maggie have accomplished an abortion in secret? Somehow, I can't imagine her doing this to herself, Glenn or the others. Can you?

3. The Baby Is A Walker And Eating Its Way Out

The most popular theory and my God, could you imagine?! A little cannibalistic fetus munching its mother from the insides out? Let's hope not because that would be some vom-inducing TV!

4. She's Gone Into Premature Labor

Considering we only learnt of Maggie's pregnancy in Season 6, Episode 5, obviously Maggie going into labor so soon would not be good news — for her or the baby.

5. Maggie Is Experiencing A Miscarriage

Ignoring Maggie's fever, a miscarriage is debatably the most plausible explanation. A little too obvious for The Walking Dead though, don't you think?

6. Extreme Sympathy Pains

There's sympathy and then there's completely batshit crazy. Glenn has been in danger before and never did Maggie breakout into a deathly fever then. iGamer4Life3 is clearly high.

7. A Cutting Rejection

There we go, problem solved.

What do you think is wrong with Maggie?

Thanks to She Knows for pointing us in the direction of these seven madcap theories!

(Source: IGN)


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