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I'm sure all of you Game of Thrones fans are excited for Season 6 which starts on the 24th April on HBO and Sky Atlantic . The one question that is on every fans minds is. Is Jon Snow really dead we've been in the unknown about this ever since the last episode of Season 5 where we don't know about Jon's status in the show. In the latest clip however we do see a dead Jon Snow.

In the latest clip that was released we see Davos in a room with some brothers of the Night's Watch who seem to be loyal to Jon and are trying to protect his body, as we see Jon Snow's body in the room. As the traitorous brothers of the Night's Watch are trying to break into the room where Jon Snow's body is and Davos and the those loyal to Jon are ready for a fight. Davos picks up Longclaw and says 'I've never been much of a fighter, apologises for what you're about to see.' and draws the sword.

We also see Jon Snow's beloved and loyal direwolf Ghost also present in the room, many fans believe that before Jon Snow died he had warged into Ghost and his soul now lives inside his direwolf. The new footage for Game of Thrones Season 6 has gotten me really excited for the new season and what will happen with Jon Snow will he stay dead or will the red priestess Melisandre bring him back to life? The title of the first new episode is called 'The Red Woman.

Above is the clip where Davos and Night Watch brothers who are loyal to Jon are going to protect his corpse from the mutinous Night Watch brothers who are trying to take Jon's body.


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