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Tim Horton

It’s lights out for the one shot knock out punch mystery in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. With the help of the bearded man, players are now able to time their knock out moves down to a tee.

The mystery of the one punch knockout has been solved. YouTuber and Reddit master midwesternhousewives has discovered a visual cue that actually instructs the player when to throw the killer blow. The one hit knock out itself is not a mystery, players have been doing this for years but the timing has always been a mystery. It very much has been a guessing game – until now.

As it turns out the developers actually told us when to throw the big punch. According to midwesternhousewives the visual cue can be taken from the beaded member of the crowd at the far upper left. When this man ducks, you must launch your attack. If timed correctly this will provide you with your golden knock out.

This cue is also available in the Bald Bull fight. When Bull enters into his charge attack, the bearded man will duck at the precise moment you need to swing. If you follow these instructions then you will always come out on top.

These classic Easter Eggs are popping up all over the shop - it is just fabulous to think how many more must still be out there. The world of video games is one that will always keep on giving.

Have you found any cool Easter Eggs recently?


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