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I haven't seen Fant4stic but judging by its 9% rotten tomatoes score its no improvement over the 2005 original and its 2007 sequel and it won't be starting a new franchise, so what's next for Marvels first family? So obviously the first thought would be to give the rights back to Marvel studios but this is a bad idea, I just can't see the Fantastic Four fitting into the MCUs big picture. But I do have an idea that could potentially work, an animated Fantastic Four TV show so here's just why it would work so well...

It's worked before

An animated Fantastic Four series is nothing new, there have been animated shows in the 60s, 80s, 90s and most recently in 2006. Now would be a perfect time for a new show and the basic setup and premise is there. The character dynamics and plots worked a lot better on TV screens than in cinema mostly due to the more cartoony feel.

More Colourful

Its no secret that the 2015 remake tried to be more grounded even going so far as to completely ditch the iconic blue costumes. This is a bad idea as Fantastic Four are probably the most out there Marvel characters, trying to ground Batman works but trying to ground the Fantastic Four doesn't, you're essentially taking away everything that makes them so great. An animated show could work greatly in this direction as the teams powers don't look as weird animated as they do in live action and no ones complaining about the costumes.

Family Dynamics

One of the things the films still haven't gotten right is the family dynamics, sure the original did show the family feuds and Sue and Reeds relationship but a TV series would really push the idea of them being a dysfunctional family of superheroes. Imagine entire episodes dedicated to the relationships between each of the characters it would humanise them and a series is just the right place for this to be explored.

The Villains

Dr Doom was another aspect of the franchise that didn't work in the original so was completely reworked for the reboot. The Fantastic Four films haven't had a memorable villain and a TV series could change this, each week introducing a new villain seeing which ones work which ones don't, they shouldn't be afraid to feature wacky villains with nonsensical Villainous plots. Of course Dr Doom is one of the greatest Marvel villains so he is the overarching nemesis controlling everything from his throne in his castle in Latveria.

Be Faithful

The key is to fully embracing the characters and all their silliness, these characters have lasted for 70 plus years Marvel knows what works and this has kept people reading the comics all this time. Show Latveria, show the doombots, give people what they want and what's made people fall in love with these characters don't try and make the Fantastic Four something it's not for the sake of making more money because it doesn't work and Fox knows this for a fact.


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