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The second trailer for is out, and one thing's pretty certain: DC are banking on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn!

Who is Harley Quinn?

In the comics, Harley Quinn had the misfortune of being the 's psychiatrist. She was originally created as a bit-character in Batman: The Animated Series, and fans fell in love with her. The award-winning Mad Love graphic novel was adapted into her animated origin - take a look!

The years have been kind to Harley. She's become something of a star in her own right, with successful comic book sales and a strange antihero role that basically makes her DC's answer to Deadpool!

So what about the trailer?

The trailer begins with the basic premise - that in a world of superhumans, the government needs an answer. Their 'answer' is to go to the prison, where super-villains - imprisoned by Batman, mainly - have been imprisoned. But throughout the whole trailer, one character is on display - Harley Quinn.

"I'm known to be quite vexing. I'm just forewarning you."

Deadpool has proven that off-the-wall superhero characters can be a tremendous success. You can't get much more off-the-wall than Harley Quinn, and the trailer's focus suggests DC believe she'll be the real star of the film. Frankly, she's the one you get the most sense of character from. Margot Robbie looks to be having a blast!

My hopes for Suicide Squad

With Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. look to be on to a winner. It takes advantage of the idea that the DC Cinematic Universe is already established, giving us a world where the super-villains have already existed for years; but it also gives us an original concept. Unlike Batman v Superman, the trailers are showing a film that's not afraid to relax and enjoy itself, with a much zanier style and a fresher tone.

Harley Quinn feels as though she's at the heart of this, and I'm hoping she'll be as popular in the films as she is in the comics. She was successful enough to transition from an animated series into the comics (pretty unusual!), and just maybe she has the potential to add some wild fun to the DC Cinematic Universe!

What do you think? Are you excited to see more of Harley Quinn? Let me know in the comments!


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