ByBeatrice Ulloa, writer at

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have presented a new trailer of suicide squad, which, definitely, we see that the film has decided to take the path of action and comedy.

The workpiece is loaded with action and gags, and several tracks that are running to the villain of the film would not be other than the Joker. Batman also make Act of presence, and in addition to the usual scene in which it appears on the tuned car with dubious taste of Joker, we see him jumping into the water to save a woman (suppose to be the Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel before Harley Quinn).

According to The Birth.Movies.Death portal, Warner Bros. He has asked David yesterday that "add more humor and lightness' to the antiheros of DC Comics film"all the jokes of the tape are in the trailers". That means that there were only about five, equal, are several more than in 'Batman V Superman', though not enough for the study.

'Deadpool' was a hit at the box office and in the criticism, which hasn't exactly with 'Batman V Superman', as many reviews pointed out a bit "boring". Is that what has troubled Warner Bros.?

The truth is that the trailer for 'Suicide squad' had the best reviews and the expectation for this tape is very high.

Moreover, they say out there, the recordings would be leaving nothing cheap and speak of several million dollars.


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