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illustrations, sculpture, forests and witch costumes. @batlecter
Magdalena Batlecter

Most of my art is based on grim and eerie details and is usually inspired by something witchy. However, there are several shapes of art and tehniques I like to use, except for ink only.

But first, ink.

For example, to build a composition, i use around 50 little papers with things like, for example this drawing 'horns', 'trees', ''herbs', 'flowers'... and choose five.

other than witches, i really like studying anatomy. with or without gloomy details.

other times i simply draw some horns or costume i took picture in.

CHARCOAL used to be a tehnique i hated. but lately I started developing affection for it and i use it quiet often recently.

except for drawing i really like to paint. it is mostly something grim and based on mythology.

except for this. more on Magdalena Dracaryen Art
except for this. more on Magdalena Dracaryen Art

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