ByAubrey Porter, writer at

The two movies Rear Window and Nightcrawler are similar, in that they both are about photojournalists, neither main character is concerned with Justice. Starting with Rear Window the main character (played by Jimmy Stewart) has a cast on his leg, there is an itch he has to get to inside of his cast, this is symbolic of what drives him to find out what’s going on with the man across the courtyard. What drives the characters is curiosity, he has an itch he has to scratch he has to find out the truth the only moral question he has is whether it is wrong to spy on the guy. This reflects the way people saw photojournalism in the fifties. Photojournalism was not supposed to change an event they were just supposed to present the facts and expose the truth.

The movie Nightcrawler is set when the news became a commodity, and the sources to get news became competitive. 24 hour news stations compete with local news station to present the most exciting and interesting news. The winner was the one that got the lion’s share of viewers. The main character in Nightcrawler was trying to get the most sensational news he could find. When he could not find news he broke the law, rearranging bodies and withholding evidence from the police, sabotaging the competition’s van, and getting his own assistant killed.

I believe both movies reveal truths about the society’s that these movies were designed to be marketed to.


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