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Three of the biggest name's in horror in ONE movie? If you haven't seen this then you better keep reading. Even more, if you haven't heard of these folks then I really question your horror ties, I really do.

Here's a quick guide:

  • Stephen King: Legendary author of The Shining, Carrie and 100's of other works of fiction.
  • Tobe Hooper: Horror Director of The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist and many more...
  • Clive Barker : Author of many Horror Novels, most famous for his creation of the Hellraiser series, from his novella The Hellbound Heart
Hey Buddy!....
Hey Buddy!....

I could write a full novel on each and every one of these people for their contributions to the genre, but that's for another time.

Wanna see them share the big screen together, click that video....

The Movie is called Sleepwalkers (1992) and was Stephen King's first original screenplay! The plots' pretty bizarre, which isn't strange coming from Mr King I know, but it basically involves a couple of cat-like monsters trying to drain the life-force out of a young girl.

See the trailer below:

Directed by Mick Garris who has produced many other works by King, including Riding the Bullet, Desperation and the TV movie Bag of Bones. It's a cult classic and I'd highly recommend you check it out.

Frankly I'm surprised they never made a sequel of sorts.


There's another cameo in Sleepwalkers by a certain Jedi Knight.

Hmm Yoda didn't train me for this?
Hmm Yoda didn't train me for this?

Mark Hamill plays a Lieutenant on the trail of the said "Cat People" at the beginning of the movie. Think this was during a period where most of his work was reduced to cameo's in the Horror Industry.

I'm not bashing that because he's excellent in his segment "The Eye" in classic Horror anthology Body Bags (1993).

The plot? He loses his eye in a car accident and ends up getting a transplant.........from a recently executed murderer! Things really go downhill from there.

All the better to SEE you with my dear....
All the better to SEE you with my dear....

If you fancy watching that as well (his segment is around 54 mins in), here's the full anthology movie here:


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