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As far as Call Of Duty goes, there's no denying that 'Modern Warfare 2' is up there amongst the best that the franchise has to offer.

Between its epically brilliant campaign, the ever-entertaining Special Ops and, of course, its legendary multiplayer gameplay, MW2 is simply unbeatable!

And within this legendary gameplay, we as gamers were introduced to one of the maps that I believe is still in contention for the top spot, even out of every map throughout the gaming series: Rust.

The usual weapon of choice!
The usual weapon of choice!

In Modern Warfare 2, Rust was many things. It was the scene in which the back-stabbing General Shepherd received a precisely thrown knife to the eye. It was the battle-ground for copious amounts of quick-scoping 1v1s and clan trials. But most of all, it was the map that, when it appeared in an online lobby, would inevitably be voted for and it would win instantly.

Its successful vote would be celebrated by a vast number of excited war-cries from the members of the lobby, as they knew that all hell was going to break loose in one of the best maps ever!

But What Makes Rust So Great?

Was it the size? Or was it the shape? Or maybe the fast-paced action? Could it have been the large amount of kills obtained? Or the inability to camp for a lengthy time? Or was it simply just because it was awesome?

Well, the answer is — just like when Bruce Nolan became God and was bombarded by prayers in the form of emails — yes, to all! All of these things played a huge role in making Rust one of the best online maps in CoD history. But the main thing, especially for me, was the feel of the map. It just had something about it that made me happy.

The feeling is akin to that of Terminal, Highrise and Scrapyard, those maps also shared the same feeling. They were just the best maps to see pop up at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen during the intermission. Surely it can't just be me who suffers from this unexplainable feeling, can it?

Don't lie, you all know what I mean.

Despite its undeniable awesomeness, I regret to say that towards the end of MW2's online reign, Rust was starting to become a little less popular. People started to become frustrated by the endless spawn-killing, grenade spamming and severe overuse of noob-choobs and Thumpers. When these tactics started to take precedence, the popularity of this beautiful, beautiful map began to sink. As did my heart.

This was a time when people started turning their backs on the map. It was, 9 times out of 10, skipped for larger and more popular maps. It was almost as if players had forgotten about all of the plus sides to Rust. They disregarded the intensely action-packed gameplay and ravenous killing-sprees. The huge amount of kills you could accumulate and the effectiveness of killstreaks such as chopper gunners, AC130s and stealth bombers. And let's not forget its lack of camping spots!

They forgot about all of these happy memories and pleasant times and only focused on the negative aspects. But I am a loyal person and I stayed faithful to Rust, the map which is — in my opinion — the best map in Call of Duty history!

What is your favorite 'Call of Duty' map of all time?


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