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Before our favorite actors jumped onto the big screen or their own TV series, they had to start somewhere. Can you believe that they all had such tiny parts on such popular shows in the '90s?

1. Bradley Cooper As Jake On 'Sex And The City'

A young Bradley Cooper plays one of Carrie's conquests in this episode of Sex And The City. Carrie bails on the whole date, but let's be honest — The Hangover star shouldn't judge anyone.

2. Peter Dinklage As The Voice Of James The Wake-Up Guy on 'Seinfeld'

Listen very carefully. This uncredited voice-over part is actually Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones! Later in the episode, when Elaine actually goes out with James, they recast the part with a different actor.

3. Adam Sandler As Smitty On 'The Cosby Show'

Funny voices and a goofy attitude have apparently been inherent to Adam Sandler since high school. Here he is playing one of Theo's friends on The Cosby Show.

4. Bryan Cranston As Witch Lawyer On 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'

Here we see a young Cranston, well before the lung cancer and meth cooking era, sporting a 4-piece-suit and dishing out magical justice as the Witch Lawyer in Sabrina.

5. Bryan Cranston As Tim Whatley On 'Seinfeld'

Can you recognize that young man under all that facial hair? It's Bryan Cranston again!

6. Lucy Liu As Woman No. 3 On 'Home Improvement'

Lucy Liu plays one of the women fawning over Dale in the front row of Home Improvement. If only he'd known she'd one day be a Charlie's Angel, he probably would have flirted back some more!

7. James Van Der Beek As Paulie The Drummer On 'Clarissa Explains It All'

Did you know James Van Der Beek was actually 21 when Dawson's Creek started? But you can still see him as a real-life 16-year-old in this episode of Clarissa Explains It All.

8. Keri Russell As Jessica On 'Boy Meets World'

Before she was Felicity, she was Jessica — Mr. Feeney's niece and Eric's luscious-haired love interest.

Which big actor in a tiny role surprised you the most?


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