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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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"An endless array of elevators. Monsters in every single one. It's the CostCo of death."

Four years ago, Cabin in the Woods hit cinemas. The smart blend of horror and loving pastiche cemented its place as a classic, with more creativity and monsters than hundreds of other movies combined.

All of the monsters rush out so quickly, in such a wild blur of blood and gore, that it can be hard to focus on the individuals. Here's a full breakdown of every single monster on the Cabin in the Woods whiteboard from the infamous betting scene.

The Monster Bets Are In!
The Monster Bets Are In!

Note: Person/group betting and summoning item have been provided wherever possible.

1. Alien Beast

Bet on by: Bio Med Department

2. Angry Molesting Tree

Bet on by: The Wranglers

Horror Reference: The Evil Dead

3. The Bride

Bet on by: Digital Analysis Department

Horror Reference: Bride of Frankenstein, Bride of Chucky, Bride of Re-animator — you name it! Possible parallels to Kill Bill, 1972's The Blood Spattered Bride, and even Dickens's Miss Havisham.

Summoned by: Although we never see The Bride on screen, she is almost summoned when Jules toys with her necklace in the basement.

4. Clowns

Bet on by: Electrical Department

Horror Reference: A whole bunch of clown-related horror movies, but physically it resembles the most culturally embedded horror clown of them all: Pennywise from Stephen King's IT.

Summoned by: Fortune Teller Machine

5. Deadites

Bet on by: The Story Department

Horror Reference: Evil Dead

Summoned by: Tape recording of the Necronomicon

6. Demons

Horror Reference: Tons of demon movies, though Buffy appears to be the primary inspiration for this one. Grrr, Argh!

7. Dismemberment Goblins

Horror Reference: Gremlins, Creeps

8. The Doctors

Bet on by: Accounting Department

Horror Reference: Jacob's Ladder, Whedon's own The Gentlemen and various other "evil doctor" tropes.

9. Dolls

Bet on by: Kitchen Staff

Horror Reference: The Strangers

Summoned by: A Mask

10. Dragonbat

Horror Reference: conveniently combining two different scary creatures into one, the dragonbat looks very much like the dragons from the Harry Potter movies.

11. Giant

Bet on by: Zoology Department

Horror Reference: Giants exist in many different folkloric traditions, from the Ancient Greeks and Celts to the Aztecs. This particular giant bears a striking similarity to The Heartless Giant from dark fairytale show The Storyteller.

12. Giant Snake

Bet on by: Internal Logistics Department

Horror Reference: Serpents are regarded with suspicion in the tales of many societies, particularly within the Christian tradition. This giant snake resembles slitherin' reptiles from Resident Evil, Dreamscape, and even Harry Potter!

13. Hell Lord

Bet on by: Richard Sitterson

Horror Reference: Hell Lord — or, to use his full title, "Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain" — is an obvious reference to the cenobites in Clive Barker's Hellraiser.

Summoned by: Puzzle Ball

14. The Huron

Bet on by: Research and Development Department

Horror Reference: The Huron is the epitome of the vengeful native American, though he appears to be corporeal rather than supernatural. His love of scalping stems from horrors such as Scalps, Last of the Mohicans, and Blood Meridian.

Summoned by: Drum

15. Jack O'Lantern

Bet on by: Security Force

Horror Reference: More a spirit of Halloween than a figure grounded in myth, the fire-breathing pumpkin-faced fiend could be inspired by comparable characters in Pumpkinhead, Trick 'r Treat, Nightmare Before Christmas and R.L. Stine's Goosebumps novel Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns.

Summoned by: 3 Jack O'Lantern Candles

16. Kevin

Horror Reference: Kevin just looks like a regular guy and I haven't been able to find pictures of him. The idea of a stone-cold psychopath who looks normal from the outside was popularized by Psycho, but if we're talking crazy Kevins in particular, this is probably a nod to We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Summoned by: Film Strip

17. Merman

"I am never gonna see a merman. Ever." - Steve
"I am never gonna see a merman. Ever." - Steve

Bet on by: Steve Hadley

Horror Reference: Frankenfish, Creature From the Black Lagoon

Summoned by: Conch Shell

18. Mummy

Bet on by: Psychology Department

Horror Reference: The Mummy, in its various incarnations in film and literature.

Summoned by: Egyptian Dagger

19. Mutants

Bet on by: Demolition Department

Horror Reference: Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes, Left 4 Dead

20. The Reanimated

Bet on by: Administration Department

Horror Reference: Jacob's Ladder, Re-Animator, Lovecraft

21. Reptilius

Horror Reference: Godzilla

Summoned by: Reptile Claw

22. Sasquatch / Yeti

Horror Reference: Night of the Bloody Apes, Abominable, Bigfoot

23. The Scarecrow Folk

Bet on by: DNA Archives

Horror Reference: Batman's Scarecrow, Doctor Who, The Town that Dreaded Sundown

24. Sexy Witches

Bet on by: Archives Department

Horror Reference: The idea of a witch as a seductress is an ancient one, with Circe from The Odyssey providing the most recognisable classical template. The sexy witches are never shown on screen in Cabin in the Woods, so here's a picture of drag queen Sharon Needles rockin' a pointy hat instead.

25. Snowman

Bet on by: Communications Department

Horror Reference: Jack Frost

Summoned by: Snow Globe

26. Sugarplum Fairy

Horror Reference: The idea of an innocent thing turned evil is a classic horror trope, with the mouth borrowed from a freaky Lamprey. Otherwise known as Ballerina Dentata.

Summoned by: Music Box

27. Twins

Horror Reference: The Grady twins in The Shining

Summoned by: Pair of Stuffed Animals

28. Unicorn

Bet on by: Engineering Department

Horror Reference: an evil take on C.S. Lewis's The Last Battle, perhaps? Unicorns have often had a slightly sinister side in Fairytales, similar to the siren-like draw of fairies and elven folk. Horror movies such as Rumpelstiltskin have featured unicorns.

Summoned by: Unicorn Tapestry

29. Vampires

Bet on by: Distribution Department

Horror Reference: Nosferatu

Summoned by: Bottle of Vampire Breath

30. Werewolf

Bet on by: Finance Department

Horror Reference: The Wolfman, The Howling, Dog Soldiers

Summoned by: Amulet

31. Witches

Bet on by: Operations Department

Horror Reference: Take your pick! The witch here does look a lot like the witch in Pumpkinhead, however.

32. Wraiths

Horror Reference: Wraiths are simply a Scottish form of a ghost, so there are zillions of horror movies about them!

33. Zombie Redneck Torture Family

Bet on by: Maintenance Department and Ronald the Intern

Horror Reference: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes

Summoned by: Mother, Patience, Father, Judah and Matthew Buckner are summoned by reading the latin passage in Patience's Diaray

34. Zombies

Bet on by: Chemical Department

Horror Reference: From Caribbean folklore to movie magic, with Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and The Walking Dead being notable examples of the classic zombie on screen.

Which monster would you like to see have a bigger role in a possible 'Cabin in the Woods 2'?

Source: Villains, Wikia, Tumblr


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