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Warning: potential mild spoilers for Suicide Squad ahead

A new trailer for Suicide Squad was released for the MTV Movie Awards, and it is awesome. There is a lot of cool content in it and gives us a better idea of what we will see in the film. Watch it here:

In addition to a lot more footage of the Joker and Harley Quinn, we have finally seen some shots of Batman in the film. There are only a few, and they basically only show him swooping around or driving the Batmobile. In small doses, Batman in Suicide Squad could be awesome. However, studio executives should be careful in order to ensure they do not include too much Batman in Suicide Squad. While many elements of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice were criticized, Ben Affleck's Batman is seen as a resounding success. Fans love his gritty portrayal and flawed persona. It would seem to make sense to include him in Suicide Squad. With this being said, his role in Suicide Squad should be limited. According to,

Warner Bros. has held test screenings for Suicide Squad, and according to his sources, “there is a lot more Batman in the movie than they are letting on.” And though for the time being this rumor is nothing more than mere speculation, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to learn Batman’s role in Suicide Squad is substantial. When the film was shooting in Vancouver last summer there were already rumors Batman and Waller share a key scene, one in where Batman either warns Waller of The Joker or perhaps advises her against creating Task Force X – the Suicide Squad.

The inclusion of Batman in Suicide Squad would be cool because it make the movie more connected to the DCEU. It would just be difficult to include the right amount of Batman that satisfies fans but does not go overboard.

The plot of Suicide Squad is poised to be very interesting because there are three parties in play: the U.S. government, the titular team-up, and the Joker. Not much is known about what happens, but considering that we have not seen the Joker working with the Suicide Squad and he has access to his own car, he is almost certainly not on the team in the beginning. My prediction is that the U.S. government employs the Suicide Squad to capture the Joker. This could prove to be be interesting. If a fourth party, Batman, is brought into the equation, the plot could get very messy.

The Dark Knight himself
The Dark Knight himself

This is because Suicide Squad is not necessarily a movie where the good guys beat the bad guys because the good guys are kind of the bad guys. So, there is a gray area of who should prevail in the end. It is a unique superhero move in that the characters are morally ambiguous. Batman, on the other hand, is thoroughly a good guy. Also, fans do not like to see him lose. Many Batman fans would only consider his role in Suicide Squad a success if he apprehended the bad guys. This means both the Joker and the Suicide Squad would be behind bars or dead at the end of the film. That would be okay if they were the villains in a Batman movie. Once again, the problem with this is that they are not- they are all anti-heroes in a movie that is not a traditional superhero flick.

Batman's role in Suicide Squad should be small for another reason: at the end of the day, the movie is not about him. Suicide Squad gives DC an opportunity to do something new in today's era of superhero films: make a movie that features villains. If Batman ends up being the hero with a large role, then the film would really be nothing more than a cleverly disguised Batman solo movie. And that is not what fans want.


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