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Spoiler Alert: This article could feature potential spoilers for future episodes of 'The Flash' and the last episode of 'Arrow.' So, if you don't want to get spoiled, go back now, because we'll be stepping into Spoiler Territory.

In the last episode of Arrow, we found out the answer to the question of who was in the grave a question they had been building up to since the very first episode of Season 4. It turned out to be Laurel Lance (a.k.a. The Black Canary). Arrow killed off a character that's been an integral part of the show since the first episode. We haven't had time to recover from that yet, and news has broken from The Flash set that someone from The Flash could also end up in a grave in the season finale.

The Final Episode Of Season 2 Of 'The Flash' Has Started Filming And It Could Involve A Death

Pictures of one of the filming locations of the finale — that leaked on Twitter — show a cemetery in Vancouver, suggesting that someone could end up in a grave in the episode.

Another photo shared by a fan shows that, after filming at the cemetery, the cast and crew moved to Cambie Village where they shot a scene at Joe West's house with Gustin and Candice Patton, who play Barry and Iris on the show, sitting at the porch of the house. Gustin is wearing a coat and tie in the photo, suggesting the duo may have just arrived home from a funeral.

Who Could It Be?

If someone does end up dying in the finale, the most likely candidate, as of now, seems to be Joe West. Now, this is my theory and I could be wrong. In the picture above, it seems that after the ceremony for Joe, Barry and Iris have come back at the porch of his house, sitting and remembering Joe. Also, this doesn't mean much, but Grant Gustin posted this picture of him with Jesse L. Martin on Instagram, on the first day of filming the finale. It would really suck though if they killed Joe West off.

Do you think 'The Flash' finale will feature a death? If so, whose?


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