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Fear the Walking Dead finally returned last night, after a relatively short time off the air following the devastating blow to viewer's hearts that was the season one finale. We picked up almost immediately where our heroes (?) left off. Boarding a yacht, heading for an undisclosed and supposedly safe location. At the helm of the ship, the nefarious looking and sounding Mr. Strand, has taken complete control of every aspect of the group's desperate and dire situation. And because that is so, it's becoming increasingly clear that eventually, their fragile alliance will fall to pieces. And when that happens, I don't expect simple handshakes and fond farewells.

So I said to myself, put together a list of who is most likely (or not) to survive to season three, should the show make it that far. Starting from least likely to most likely, here's what I've come up with so far...

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens)

Being the "Rick" figure of this series does give Madison Clark a lot of leeway when it comes to playing the game of survivor. From the get go, she's pretty much been the center of the companion series. Add that to the fact that she's brilliantly portrayed by the magnificent Kim Dickens, and you'll have the perfect recipe for making quite the impact on the viewers and their desperate and total need for her to remain the center as long as possible.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 1/10

Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey)

Being the daughter of the main character gives you pretty good odds - if not the best - of sticking around for quite a few years to come. Alicia is probably, at least in my opinion, the less annoying of all three children between Maddison and Travis. This also helps her case but at the same time also places a certain amount of doom over her head. If we are to expect the same kind of results on this show as we have seen time and time again on the original, well, we've learned to grapple with the conclusion that there are no true Hollywood endings here.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 2/10

Nick Clark (Frank Dillane)

Again, having the supreme advantage of being the spawn of the main character hass its awesome perks. However, when it comes to Nick, there's always going to be that sensation that he'll go back to his old ways of abusing drugs and most likely end up putting people's lives in fatal danger. Including his own. But, on the plus side, he is the only current member of the Abigail crew to form some sort of strange bond with Mr. Strand and that could be key to his survival moving forward. Or potenitally, dare I say it, the very thing that seals his fate before the season is out.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 3/10

Chris Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie)

Now this one becomes a bit complicated for me. I'm not what you would call a "big fan" of this character. In my view, he's probably the worst character the show has to offer so far. And I may or may not be personally rooting for a tragic disappearance or death sometime in the near future. But, again, if the show is set to follow the same formula as its predecessor, we'll be stuck with Chris for a very, very long, long time. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll do a complete turn around and make us all like him like we did in that sliver of time during season one. I highly doubt it, but hey, never rule anything completely out.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 4/10

Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis)

I'll admit it, this character kind of annoyed me as well. Not as much as his bratty son, but still, there's a hereditary trait of annoyingness in there somewhere. Travis. even though his odds of surviving are lower than his girlfriend, her kids, and his own son, has had his fair share of personal tragedy already. Having to execute the mother of his child gives him a sort of free pass when it comes playing the game of survivor. At least for now.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 4/10

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades)

This is where things start to get a little more complicated. This guy, a total badass may I remind you, is unfortunately not a part of the main character's immediate family. In any way. He's also got a temper, he's dangerous, and he knows how to read people much better than anyone thinks. This makes him one of the more risky characters on the show, he's more willing to take chances than others because he believes himself able to handle whatever he chooses to come at him. We've already seen his inner struggle with Mr. Strand's orders, it's really only a matter of time before thoughts become words and words become episodes of trivial human-on-human violence.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 5/10

Victor Strand (Colman Domingo)

Being the sort-of-big-bad on the series, as of how I see it developing, doesn't give a person the best odds of surviving til the end. But, in Strand's defense, he really seems to be the only character taking the situation for what it is and treating it as necessary and high risk as it needs to be treated. On the other hand, he's not winning over the majority and when the majority start to uprise, his minority - including his shaky relationship with Nick - may not be able to save him from whatever fate he's destined for.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 7/10

Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason)

We finally come to end. This is a character that I see as, well to be blunt, the least necessary and least important of all the characters. Although she survived the onslaught of the walking dead in the first season (imagine my surprise) I have high doubts she'll be able to repeat that pattern in the series' second outing. She's a sweet and kind character, beautiful and wonderful and all that sugar and spice nonsense, but that does not in any way help her case. If anything, it just puts a bigger target on her back.

Likelihood of Dying by the End of Season 2: 8.5/10


Who do you think is most likely to bite the big one by the end of season 2?


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