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Are you ready for Robert Downey Jr.'s "biggest big announcement of all time"?

A historic endeavor! Embark with me? Here’s how: Omaze, we shall create RAF. Join...

Posted by Robert Downey Jr on Monday, April 11, 2016

RDJ released the video above today, launching his new charitable foundation called Random Act Funding, and he is inviting fans to become founding members. You'll be given the chance to: Win a private screening of Captain America: Civil War and watch it before everyone else; be in the audience for a live taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with RDJ as a guest; be part of a photoshoot with Downey; and enjoy a New York pizza dinner with Iron Man himself.

How can you get involved, I hear you ask? Well have you got $10 in your bank account? Because that's all it takes! All money raised will be donated to the Motion Picture & Television Fund, Make-A-Wish and Anti-Recidivism Coalition. Click the Omaze page for more information.

For all you Captain America: Civil War fans, jump on this opportunity quick! If this trailer below is any indication, we know that Civil War is going to be one action-packed and intense super romp. And think about just how cool you'll be, having seen the film before anyone else!

[Source: Omaze, Facebook]


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