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There have been tons of movies featuring Heroes since film was invented, whether or not these heroes were super. I have compiled a list of my Top 20 Movie Heroes of All Time. By the way, I am having trouble with the new formatting system on this site, so this article will not be as flashy as my others.

20. Dom Torreto (Fast and the Furious Franchise)

19. Captain Kirk (Star Trek Franchise)

18. Gandalf (Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Franchise)

17. Ellen Ripley (Alien Franchise)

16. Terminator (T2 (sort of?))

15. Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible Franchise)

14. Frodo (Lord of the Rings Franchise)

13. Jason Bourne (Bourne Franchise)

12. James Bond (007 Franchise)

11. Rambo (Rambo Franchise)

10. Simba (Lion King)

09. Harry Potter (Harry Potter Franchise)

08. Spider-Man (Spider-Man Franchises)

07. Wolverine (X-Men Franchise)

06. Iron Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

05. Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Franchise)

04. Batman (Batman Franchises)

03. Superman (Superman Franchises)

02. Rocky Balboa (Rocky Franchise)

01. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)


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