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Bill Shakespeare once wrote that we can only reach true happiness through the guidance of Sonic the Hedgehog and that robot from Halo.
Jeremy Barnes

EA and Respawn Entertainment have just released an all-new teaser trailer for their upcoming game Titanfall 2.

The trailer is sparse on exact details and is only about 45 seconds long, but there are already a few things worth getting excited about. First of all, it looks like swords or some other type of melee weapons will be included in the game, which makes my violent heart sing with joy. Second, the jungle setting of the trailer is a bit different from most of the other industrial and town settings that a lot of the original Titanfall maps had.

If this wasn't enough Titanfall to tickle your fancy, EA also just announced that they'll have a full reveal of the game on Sunday, June 12 at 1 PM PST during their EA PLAY event, so gird up your robot-printed loins for more information.

Will you be watching the big reveal? What are your big hopes for 'Titanfall 2'?


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