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Casey Inscoe

So as everyone knows the Rogue One trailer was put out a few days ago and there is a certain character that no one can seem to identify, the mysterious hooded figure. Currently there are multiple theories on who this hooded figure could be, and here is my thought on the matter.

(NOTE: Possible Spoilers ahead read at your own risk)

So far theories I have heard are he could be the Emperor, Darth Vader, or even an Inquisitor, but what if it's actually another character who at this point is being left out of the conversation? I'm speaking about Ezra Bridger. Yup, you heard me right, one of the protagonists of Star Wars Rebels.

How did I get to thinking of this possibility? It all started with a rumor that characters from Disney's popular show could end up in the upcoming films. My first thought was they'd be appearing in maybe Episode VIII or Episode IX, I completely ignored the thought that they could be in the side stories UNTIL the Season 2 finale aired and we see Ezra opening the Sith holocron he found, which can only be opened by a Sith. Now it has been hinted at for some time that we may see Ezra turn to the dark side. But now after his run in with Darth Maul his curiosity seems to have peaked and we may see him turn within the next season.

Now if this does end up true and he turns to the dark side in the next season of Star Wars Rebels it would fit perfectly for him to turn up in Rogue One as it takes place approximately 5 years after where Rebels began putting Ezra at about the age of 19 and with his great power Vader could perhaps trust him to take down the Rebels attempting to steal the Death Star plans.

What do you think? Could Ezra be the mysterious hooded figure? Or am I just insane?


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