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Guess what, folks! We are only about two weeks away from the sixth season of Game of Thrones. We are officially out of book territory, so the upcoming episodes are a mystery to us all. All we know is what they have decided to show us through trailers, and the latest trailer just dropped.

Watch the second trailer for 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 right here:

Pretty cool, right? While the surface may seem like standard Game of Thrones awesomeness, there are quite a few major moments that reveal even more of the wildly anticipated upcoming season.

Warning: Some of the subject matter includes possible minor spoilers. If you'd like to go into the sixth season spoiler-free, I advise you to click away.

Davos Is Team Jon, Even After Death

Let's address the major elephant in the room to start things out: Jon Snow is dead. While many fans of the show adamantly believe that he will be resurrected, he is definitely still dead when the season begins, but well-guarded.

In the first trailer for the season, we see Davos draw Longclaw over Jon's dead body, and fans started to panic. What on Earth could he need with such a weapon? Well, when this second trailer opens up we see Davos brandishing the blade alongside Ghost and two loyal Brothers of the Watch.

Later in the trailer, Davos states, "The real war is between the living and the dead. And make no mistake, the dead are coming." It seems like whether Jon is coming back or not, Davos is certainly ready to follow in his footsteps in the fight against the white walkers.

Dany Is In Serious Trouble

After ruling as queen for a while now, Daenerys ran into some serious trouble at the end of Season 5 and was forced to escape Meereen on dragon-back before she was confronted by some unfriendly Dothraki. We only see a very brief scene of Dany in the trailer, but she certainly doesn't not look amused as her clothes are stripped off by strange women.

We see her trusty dragon Drogon flying around for a few shots, though he doesn't seem to be rushing to Dany's aid. Perhaps she will finally have to fend for herself without the safety of her dragons or her Unsullied.

Arya Definitely Gets Her Sight Back

After Arya abandoned her training for a moment to go kill Meryn Trant, her eyes go white and she realizes that she has been stricken blind as punishment. Though most of the time we see her in the trailer she is still blind, Jaqen H'ghar informs us that, "a girl has been given a second chance. There will not be a third."

Apparently that second chance means that she gets her sight back, because during a fight scene towards the end of the trailer we can clearly see that Arya's eyes are not the same pale white color that they were when we last saw her. What a shame. A blind assassin would have been an interesting character choice for Arya.

Sansa Ends Up In Good Hands

More good news for the Stark girls! After so many season of Sansa getting the short end of the stick, things are finally looking up for her after she escaped Winterfell with Theon in the Season 5 finale. This time we see her on horseback, wearing clothing adorned with the Stark sigil. It seems at long last she has returned to allies of House Stark.

Ramsay Is At The Height Of His Powers

After his great success against Stannis's forces in Season 5, it looks like Ramsay has gotten used to the feel of leading an army. I have a feeling that this season will ultimately decide Ramsay's fate, and the fate of the north in general.

The Lannisters Are Ready To Strike Back

The fifth season in general wasn't a very good time for the Lannisters. Jaime had to deal with only having one hand, Myrcella was poisoned and killed, and Cersei had to walk the dreadful walk of shame. However, it looks like the Lannisters are back in full force this season as we see Jaime lead an army against the High Sparrow. As Cersei says, they "show them what the Lannisters are."

Prepare For Flashbacks

See the sigil on the armor of the guy on the right? That's clearly the Targaryen sigil, which means this scene is a flashback to the time when the Mad King still ruled. This scene in particular looks like it takes place around the Tower of Joy, where Ned went to find Lyanna. And speaking of the Mad King...

This silhouette looks much like a man shoving a sword through the back of a man wearing a crown. Could this be a flashback to the point where Jaime kills the Mad King and earns his Kingslayer nickname? It certainly looks that way.

Tyrion vs. Dragons?

The last scene of the trailer is certainly the most confusing. We see Tyrion a couple of times in the trailer, but at the very end we see him approaching Dany's two imprisoned dragons. The scene starts out very tense and awesome, but then one of the dragons releases a blast of flame!

This is surely creative editing, seeing as even if the show did kill off Tyrion, they wouldn't spoil it in a trailer. But many have fans have theorized that Tyrion (much like Jon Snow) is secretly half Targaryen. Could this theory be confirmed during his confrontation with the dragons? Or will everyone's favorite character be burnt to a crisp? I'll let you decide that one.

With all the mystery and intrigue surrounding the sixth season, I'm sure that it might end up being the best one yet! We'll just have to wait and see though, for the season premiere is rapidly approaching on April 24th!

What are you most looking forward to in 'Game of Thrones' Season 6? Make sure to let me know in the comments below!


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