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Can you see me?
Only he who is without eyes can truly see me

The five senses. Touch, smell, taste, hearing.....Sight. We rely on our eyes the most in everything we do. To lose your sight is a fate worse than death to most. I wouldn't know, I was born blind. I know not the concept of colour, nor can i see the pity in the eyes of those privy to my life, a blind guy from an orphanage.

"can you see me?" He asked once again. I could not see...but he was as clear as day.

"Your duty beckons, in 5000 years i have only formed a contract with three entities, you are the fourth.You,who have no eyes have been chosen to reset a great imbalance in your world. Accept this honour with pride. "

In a world where special people known as practitioners form contracts with deities granting them gifts of extraordinary power, i was chosen by the ocular deity.

now i can see over a mile away, in the dark, have reflexes augmented beyond human capacity,I can even see into a person's mind, he tells me.

he is the first thing I've ever seen in my life. It is a beautiful thing, sight.....

This epic is about mark, blind from birth. He lives in a world dominated by practitioners. Practitioners form contracts with specific deities with whom they find favour,granting them power linked to that deity...(the fire deity would grant an individual control of fire, the strength deity would grant superhuman strength.)

at the peak of this hierarchy lies the arch,a group of tyrannical practitioners who rule the world with an iron fist.

Granted one of the rarest of abilities,mark begins a journey to come to terms with the very concept of seeing everything for the first time and more,finally crossing paths with the arch.


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