ByYakov Zev, writer at
Audrey is stuck in limbo with no sign of escaping the living-dead. She wakes up time and time again, alone in the trunk of a car, unsure of reality. Within seconds, Ghassemi’s choice for location becomes clear. The service station provides Audrey with an abundance of deadly “weapons.” From a crowbar to gasoline, Audrey must utilize all elements if she wants to escape her continuous nightmare.

An ode to Korean crime thrillers like Oldboy and I Saw the Devil, Bleed the Night surprises audiences with its unique narrative on rebirth and second chances. To coincide with this modern story, Ghassemi sought out Caliph Neuro to arrange the score that mashes new-age electronic with classic string instrumentation.

Ghassemi’s ferocious monsters boast animal-like vocals. Their loud and guttural screams attack the fear within the viewer. With very little dialogue, Bleed the Night lives in the performance of Nicole Zyana. Each time Audrey respawns, her resolve and courage uplifts the viewer, and hope begins to emerge. Bleed the Night combines haunting beauty with horrific violence to show Audrey’s transformation from victim, to hardened hero.


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