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If your a big fan of British TV series or just like watching those historical period drama like I do, then Netflix is about to be your happy place - if it isn't already. The company is releasing its first U.K series, The Crown on November 4, for you to sit back and binge all day.

The Crown is about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Playing Elizabeth is actress Claire Foy (Wolf Hall) and the handsome prince is former 'Doctor Who' star, Matt Smith - he was born to prince if you ask me. Check out the recent trailer below:

Not much is revealed in the teaser, so I'm hoping they show us a little more, while we wait for the series to air. Personally, I will be giving this shot, just for my love of the genre and because Matt Smith is playing the prince. I can't miss that now can I?

Netflix has also put a hefty sum of cash into this series. The first season alone has reportedly cost them about $156 million to produce. Coming out on top as one of the most expensive series that Netflix has done to date.

Make sure click your Netflix this November 4th to check out The Crown and whatever else you feel like watching that day. Thanks for reading and follow this lovely girl for more articles!


Are You Excited For 'The Crown'?


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