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Aiko Abercromby

It was reported that Funimation and Studio Pierrot have pushed the release date for season 3 of the highly anticipated [Anime](tag:932256) series, Tokyo Ghoul, back to a Winter release.

It seems reasons are because of the lack of manga chapters. The manga, at the moment as only 69 chapters (I believe), which is reported not to be enough to produce a whole season.

Fans are starting to get a little angry, well, very angry. Most rumors had season 3 being released this Spring, however it seems that series may not be released till earlier 2017. I know that seems very far away, but it may not be such a bad thing.

I would rather a season that stays somewhat true to the manga than have them making things up, because they don't have enough source material. That said, they wouldn't have fans breathing down their necks if they would stop lying about when the next season would be released.

Newest rumors are that Funimation will announce the official release date for Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 later in this year, but there's no way of knowing if that's true or not. We've been waiting for a official release date since early 2015 and it seems like we will be waiting some more.

Do you think Funimation and Studio Pierrot will put out Tokyo Ghoul this year? Do even believe that we're still getting a 3rd season? Let me know your thoughts about the set back by commenting below. Thanks for reading and hit follow if you like!



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