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We know that we're getting a new Indiana Jones flick in the summer of 2019, with Harrison Ford returning to the role of the iconic snake-fearing adventurer. But something has been weighing on the minds of fans, given Ford's age (the actor will be 76 when Indiana Jones 5 reaches theaters): Could some other actor ever fill the fedora? Some have speculated that Chris Pratt could do a great job in the role, but is it really a possibility?

According to co-producer Frank Marshall in a Q&A at CinemaCon earlier today, the answer is a resounding "no," adding in Jason Bourne for good measure:

"It’s all about the story. I think both in the 'Jason Bourne' series and on 'Indiana Jones,' we are not going to do the Bond thing. We think those characters are iconic and those are the only actors who can play that."

The "Bond thing" he references is a loose adherence to continuity with new actors taking over the main role. Marshall, producer on all of the previous films in the Indy franchise, shared his excitement at returning to the series, citing that Raiders of the Lost Ark introduced him to director Steven Spielberg as well as his future wife — and now president of Lucasfilm — Kathleen Kennedy.

While Marshall may be unwilling to recast these characters, it's worth noting that he produced The Bourne Legacy, an attempt to expand the Bourne franchise beyond Matt Damon's titular Jason Bourne, starring Jeremy Renner as an original character caught up in events that play out parallel to the original films.

So while there is seemingly a way to circumvent the self-imposted "no recasting" rule by way of pivoting to a side character or new creation, knowing that straight up recasting isn't a possibility is somewhat of a relief.

(Source: Variety)


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