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The Catholic Church has a long history of providing guidelines for Christian behavior. In 1920, the Catholic News Service (CNS) was founded, and dedicated itself to covering world events from a Christian perspective.

Eventually, that included movie reviews.

The CNS rates movies on their morals, and they save their harshest rating, O, for movies that are Morally Offensive. Good Christians are advised against watching these movies.

What makes a movie earn the dreaded "O"? Movies that deny the existence of God, that make fun of religion, or go against Biblical or Catholic teachings.

Here are a few recent movies that the Catholic Church has given an "O" rating. These are considered to be the worst of the worst, and Christians are encouraged to avoid them. (source: catholicnews).

PLEASE NOTE: these are not my opinions, but the opinions of the Catholic Church. I have included a note as to why the movie is considered unacceptably morally offensive.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This fun, action-filled update of the Jane Austen novel has unacceptable levels of sex and violence, and exploits religion.

Zoolander 2

This goofy sequel about really stupid models makes fun of religion and uses lots of bad language.

Crimson Peak

This colorful haunted house movie contains gory violence and perverted sex.


You had to know this one was on here. The smart-ass anti-hero movie has strong violence, kinky sex, sex before marriage, and hints of bisexuality. It also gives the message that revenge is OK.

Straight Outta Compton

This semi-historical depiction of the rise of a world-changing rap group has "flawed morality", drugs, violence, sex, and bad language.


This funny and socially relevant comedy about a group of teenagers trying to avoid drugs in the ghetto contains "distorted values", underage drinking, sex, violence, and it gives the message that being gay is OK.

It Follows

It turns out that my favorite horror movie of 2015 has too much sex, violence, bad language, pornography, and hints of incest.


This Melissa McCarthy comedy contains gory violence, lots of swearing, and lots of jokes about sex and poop.

Magic Mike XXL

This story of male strippers on a road trip contains "a debased view of human sexuality", simulated sex acts, bad language, and it shows guys' butts.

So what do you think? Is the Catholic Church out of touch with reality, or is mass media pushing things over the line? Let us know!


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