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I know what you're, you idgit, Robert Kirkman writes that comic.

Every since The Walking Dead invaded our cities in 2010, people have been talking nonstop about it. From theories about a certain pizza boy's dumpster demise to whether or not American's favorite redneck is gay, Facebook post after Moviepilot article after Reddit post has been created to discuss this show.

Well, I hope everyone is ready for one more!

***Caution: spoilers for The Walking Dead show and comics are scattered below***

First, a few questions. What has/have been a constant for all 6 seasons of TWD? Besides walkers, of course. And murderous living people, too.
From day one, who hasn't left our sights?

Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Carol and Morgan!

And out of all of them, who would you think would have the wildest imagination?

My theory goes like this: the events of The Walking Dead aren't all in the head of a comatose Rick, they're not the result of an alien invasion, and they're most definitely not real. They're all, instead, the work of the imaginative, ignored, lonely boy from a broken home. Put all those qualities together, and you have the recipe for a really good story, all cooked up in the mind of...

Carl Grimes!

This requires you, of course, to forget all about Fear the Walking Dead.

For this theory to work, you have to imagine yourself in a world where a company like AMC wouldn't try to milk a really good show for all it's work by making another mediocre-at-best show like FTWD. I'm not saying that show can't get better...I'm just saying that so far, it kinda sucks.

I mean, I guess Carl could go and come up with a really good backstory to his original walker-filled dream, but for now, just imagine that show doesn't exist.

You start out with a boy, who because of some crap going on at home, doesn't really get along with the other kids too well.

His dad, a police officer, works a lot of long nights, so Carl doesn't get to see him too much. But even so, he idolizes his father like nothing else.

When Rick does come home before Carl goes to bed, it's nothing short of awesome for the kid-

But as it sometimes happens, the loneliness gets to Carl's mom, Lori, and she eventually looks for companionship in the wrong place.

Late one night, after flirting with disaster several times, Shane comes over and Lori meets him outside. Carl, who Lori assumes is asleep, sees the beginning of what could be the end of his parents' marriage from his bedroom window.

Carl used to look up to Shane, almost as much as his father, but his resentment towards him grows fast from that moment on. Lori and Rick separate not too soon after, which definitely does not help an already reclusive Carl. He retreats to and hides in his bedroom every day after getting home from school, where rumor has spread of his mom's cheating ways and kids are starting to make fun of him for it. In his room, he crafts this fantasy world to pass the time. It's a world gone to hell, where he and his dad are heroes, where there are no more bullies at school and people like Shane to ruin his parent's lives.

The day Shane, the real-life Shane, dies in a gunfight... the day Carl comes home, and sketches himself murdering him in the comics.

With Shane out of the picture, Rick and Lori are eventually able to patch up their marriage, but the damage has been done with Carl. He remains in his room, continuing his work on his comics.

During his parents' separation, Rick also starts seeing an old girlfriend, Carol. Carl hates the idea of this as much as seeing his mom and Shane together, so Carol's fate in his comics is pretty much sealed. After an attempt at a relationship with Rick (and Lori...Carl apparently knew about open relationships, even at his young age), well, you probably have heard/read what happens-

Some of the only constants in his life are just minor ones, too.

Like Wednesday nights. In the show, Hershel declares Spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. Well, in the Grimes' household, it was Pizza Fridays every Friday.

Their deliver boy?

The one and only! Carl decides that he's going to give Glenn a starring spot in his comics, simply because he's the one that brings them their pizza every Friday night, without fail, for years.

His parents try sending him to a counselor, who isn't able to reach him. No matter how hard he tried, his Psychologist, Dr. Horvath, just couldn't help Carl. Although Carl is troubled, he sees later on that Dale tried to help him, so in tribute, he writes in Dale's death as one of the primary reasons Andrea and Rick end up together in the comics.

His dad's happiness is a direct result of Dale's sacrifice.

Seeing Carl was still having some trouble and maybe needed some one-on-one guidance, his parents shipped him off to a friend's place for the summer one year. Where might that be?

Greene's Ranch!

Once there, he got to better know Hershel, Beth and Maggie. Hershel, as in the show and comics, has lost many of his family members, including his wife and son Billy, and is a deeply devout Christian. Carl knows that he needs help getting out of his funk, and by the time summer is over, is better. He knows Hershel plays a part in that, so in his comics, writes that Hershel saves his life.

He also sees that Maggie is lonely, and thinks that Glenn might be lonely too, so they get married and have a child in his story.

The Grimes attend church regularly, St. Sarah's Episcopal Church, although they're not as devout in their faith as Hershel is. The preacher there, Morgan Jones, has a son named Duane, who is in the youth group with Carl. They become and remain friends in real life, despite Duane's early demise in the comics and show. Perhaps Carl confided in his friend about his troubles and comic dream world, and Duane requested to be taken out, so he wouldn't be responsible for encouraging Carl to continue hiding from his problems.

Throughout all his troubles, like most of us, he's had that one friend that's stuck by his side...Sophia-

She plays a big role in the comics (the show, not so much), thanks to her big role in Carl's life.

In the months after Carl gets back from Hershel's farm, things seem to be getting better. But in his absence, Rick and Lori did some of their own 'working things out,' and get pregnant that summer.

Months later, when she's in childbirth, there are complications and Lori dies.

The surgeon, (get ready for it), Dr. Philip Blake, tries his best, but loses her.

So, dealing with this latest blow the best he can, Carl writes the prison assault in his story, and has The Governor, a.k.a. Philip Blake, killing his mom.

His sister dies in the comics, too, but may be a mercy killing in Carl's eyes. Who would want a baby to try and survive in that world?

This could really go on and on, putting the characters in Carl's comic into real life situations with him. I don't even want to think who Negan could be. Slave-driving football coach at school, maybe?

What do you think? Is this all Carol suicide-by-walker crazy? Rick biting-joe's-neck crazy? Some other form of crazy that involves necks getting bitten?

Sound off!


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