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It is hard to live inside an evil cult. You have to follow very strict rules. Most of the time, you have to leave your old life behind. Sometimes, you will be asked to do some things that you don't want to in order to please your beloved leader. And on a few special occasions, you have to satisfy the terrible deity that you adore through wicked, immoral, and perverse acts.

Of course, I am just talking about movies. More specifically, about horror movies.

People have a special fascination with cults, and this allure has been especially noticeable in the last few decades. There have been several movies, of all genres, showing how life operates inside a cult — illustrating what it means to be part of one.

And of course, horror films aren't the exception.

Today, I will present to you six horror movies about wicked cults. The presence of these cults in films could be major or minimal, but you can be sure that they are the culprits of everything wrong that happens in them.

I hope that you enjoy it!

1. 'Last Shift'

Oh, your first day at a new job. It is just as the first day at school — a terrifying experience. But of course, after gathering courage and entering those doors, we realized that all of our fears were unfounded, and that things aren't as bad as we thought. Then again, most of us don't face a terrible army of evil spirits on our first day.

Last Shift is a great surprise. In fact, it has been one of the best horror films in the last few years. You will find in here one of the scariest films in terms of intensity. The main character faces one dreadful situation after another with no breaks while we observe her ordeal, her fear, and her suffering.

A real gem that all horror fans have to know.

2. 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

Martha is a normal person just like you and me. The difference between us is that she spent the last few years of her life inside a cult. Now she lives with her sister, but sadly, the scars of her past haven't healed yet. Day after day she still relives the terrible experiences that she suffered in there.

This is one of the most heartbreaking films on the list. The hellish experiences that Martha had to suffer through will crawl under your skin. The realism of this movie only adds to the emotional factor. You will find no ghosts or demons in here, only the wickedness of the human spirit.

3. 'The Canal'

Cults can come in many shapes and forms. They can adore all kind of gods and beings. Those cults who adore the devil are some of the most famous. According to lore, they like to perform evil rituals and acts in order to satisfy the hunger of their satanic deities. If this kind of cults frightens you then you have to watch The Canal.

David has been accused of killing his wife. He knew that she was cheating on him, but he would have never done something as heinous as murder her. Sadly, he is confused about what really happened. He knows that things are stranger than they look. There is something wrong with his house but getting to the bottom of it would only lead to his doom.

If you liked movies like Sinister, this one is for you. One of the best horror films of 2014.

4. 'The Invitation'

Will is about to see his friends again after two years of depression and sadness. He is happy to see them, but somewhere deep inside his soul, he knows that something wrong is happening. His ex-wife is acting strange, and there are a couple of weird people who he doesn't know in this reunion doing eerie stuff. Is his paranoia real? Does he have a real reason to be afraid? Or are the fears of his past resurfacing?

If you like smart and sober movies, this one is for you. The unnerving fear that you will feel throught the movie will never leave you. Also, the ending is incredible.

You are invited to this wicked reunion.

5. 'The Sacrament'

What is more dangerous than a demented cult leader? Not many things, that's for sure. They have control over the actions of their faithful followers, they decide what they should think or feel, and sometimes, they decide if they live or die.

A group of Vice filmmakers decide to film a documentary in a secluded community led by a charismatic person. This community is, in reality, a cult that has decided to live away from the sins and temptations of the modern world. At first sight it all seems to be perfect, but looks can be deceiving. What it seems to be Heaven could in reality be a Hell.

One scary movie based on terrible real events.

6. 'Starry Eyes'

Sarah has a dream: She dreams of one day becoming a famous movie star. She is confident that her talent and dedication will take her far. Sadly, the industry is brutal and doesn't care about our dreams and hopes. It will rip you into pieces if you are not prepared. In order to reach success you have to do what they want, even if that means performing evil and wicked acts of satanic adoration.

Here is another film about a satanic cult, corruption, and decay. If you like movies like Rosemary's Baby or House Of The Devil you have to watch this one.

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