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It may not be until tomorrow, but in a few hours, the US of A will be celebrating a HUGE birthday! What birth will we be celebrating? Elvis? The USA? Earth itself? No, something way bigger!

The Ford Mustang turns 52!

In 1963, Ford decided it wanted a sporty car, sportier than what they already had. They took a Ford Falcon...

...took two doors off, sported it up, and bam! The Mustang was born. It was unveiled at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964. 300,000 of the muscle car were sold that first year at a price of a little under $2,400, 200,000 more than the original estimate. Millions of sales later, it's still as american as apple pie and baseball.

Through the years, the 'stang has seen some major redesigns.

In 1964-1973, we had the first generation:

1974-1978 brought us the second generation-

Generation III came in 1979 and lasted until 1993-

Number 4, from 1994-2004-

And our current model, that sweet, sweet ride:

In 2010, it got a minor update-

But enough of that. Let's celebrate the Mustang's birthday by looking back at some of the times it had a starring role in the movies!

1964 Mustang ragtop vs. Aston Martin in Goldfinger

Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

And of course, the original Eleanor from the original Gone in Sixty Seconds from 1974:

Another Sean Connery masterpiece, Diamonds are Forever

1958 Mustang GT from Bullitt with Steve McQueen

Part 1

Part 2

Ford even made a Mustang Bullitt GT in 2001!

A more recent treat, Will Smith goes deer hunting in a 2007 Shelby GT in I am Legend-

Buuut as it always happens with me, he gets outwitted by the deer AND a lion when he hunts.

Dialing down the testosterone a bit, the blue Mustange from The Princess Diaries:

Hilary Duff's ride from A Cinderella Story-

Gradually picking the speed up in the scratch-n-spit department, the 1968 Shelby from Bull Durham--

A 1987 high-mileage Mustang owned by Clint Eastwood's character in True Crime:

Hollywood Homicide, starring Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford (Ford? Ahhh I see what they did there) may have bombed, but it had a sweet 2003 supercharged 'stang-

How could we forget The Bucket List, when Jack & Morgan race each other in their own muscle cars!

The Rock and Race to Witch Mountain had a couple, a 2005 convertible,

and a 1968 Fastback:

From Back to the Future, a 2015 Mustang!

Just's the real one, giant spoiler and all!

One of my favorite movies of all time, K-9 with James Belushi-

This nice 1968 Shelby bites the dust in American Gangster-

Good Times with Sonny & Cher, who had matching convertible Mustangs. Awwww...

Tom Cruise got to drive a '66 Shelby in War of the Worlds:

Who can forget the Mustang Saleen cop car in Transformers?

Ending the list the way it should be, with a Mustang from a movie franchise that is 99% about awesome sets of wheels...2 Fast 2 Furious!

Ride on!


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