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A few days ago I wrote an article on who I believe Negan killed in 'The Walking Deads' season finale last Sunday night. I pointed out several concrete reasons why it could be Eugene leaving the show in season sevens opening episode. Recently Greg released a post on Instagram that further lends credence to my belief.

In the post above we are greeted to an amazingly gruesome exploding head. We as fans can easily see that the head in the photo is none of the characters we have grown to fear for yet it does have a certain familiarity to it. Special effects wizards like Nicotero are amazing at what they do but some things just cant be avoided when making some props. When casting a head the SFX people have to use the actor they are copying for the basic mold or have one lying around that looks close enough after a few alterations. Now this is not the first time this has been done and Greg is damn good at his job.

Do you see an A list actor here?
Do you see an A list actor here?

In the screen shot above many were shocked and some still don't know that the head on the far right is actually Johnny Depp's. Can you see the likeness? Now lets take a better look at the prop head.

Greg has not confirmed nor has he really denied this to be the actual cast they will use. Honestly though, does this face not look a little familiar to you? Especially if you consider how hard it was to pick out Johnny above. If you kind of lighten up the hair and remove the facial hair you could have a decent cast of Josh McDermitt. Now that's not to say that if you dyed the hair red and cut it you couldn't get Abraham as well. With a little work they could easily make a new mold of the cast they used look like Abraham or Eugene. Yet in my previous article I pointed out how Abraham is on the wrong side of Rick to be the victim.

Now, I will say this. After having done my research I found that this actual mold was used in 2009's remake of 'Last house on the left' in a microwave death scene. However even though this is true, as I stated, the actual cast used to make these molds can be used multiple times. Lastly I will add this, look at this picture closely.

Now we can easily see the likeness when compared but there is still one glaring issue with Greg's recent post. How in the world did the molds hair grow? The actor in the picture on the right clearly has short hair yet the mold in the recent Instagram post has long hair? Could this be an honest mistake or something more? Could it be they need it to have a mullet? Awe, who knows.

Of course this is only a fans theory of what certainly is a possibility. You and I will have to wait and see. Six months cant go by fast enough.


Has this influenced you into believing it might be Eugene?


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