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Tidbit on Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

From enlightenment to discovery, the "Story of God with Morgan Freeman" explores every aspect of the topic Freeman is set to discuss without censor. The individual opinions expressed are heard and understood by Freeman, on the new series as he travels around the world, collecting testimonies from people on the topic he's researching; mostly existential questions and dilemmas, focusing on God. The series aired its second episode on the National Geographic Channel this prior Sunday, titled "Apocalypse". Upon which Freeman traveled to several locations to ask people of different faiths, of how they felt about the apocalypse. Some of the testimonies collected by Freeman posed interesting theories, as well as enlightening point of views from people we'd never expect to posses these types of intellectual beliefs.

Testimonies collected by Morgan Freeman.

Freeman went around the world, searching for the reason why so many people are obsessed with the apocalypse. The testimonies he obtained from people of differing religions were all genuine in their delivery. Of course Freeman's questions were scripted but the series has a tone of genuineness when it comes to the topics of discussion, specifically the testimonies from participants. All the testimonies provided to Freeman were of unique origin, and not the atypical responses you'd receive from someone answering these questions with generic answers. Although there are no generic answers to the existential dilemmas for which Morgan Freeman is researching. Freeman also came across some scientific facts that were unknown to me, and are probably unknown to a wider audience as well. One piece of knowledge that Morgan Freeman explored and taught the audience of, was that of the Mayan Calendar's apocalyptic predictions.

Freeman teaches the audience with help from testimonies.

To most, the theory was greatly exaggerated in 2012, of the imminent apocalypse. There were fears of the world ending by huge populous' of people around the world, believing in reports which indicate that the Mayan Calendar was predicting the end of the world, which would result in the apocalypse; but that was only partially true. The aspect of the Mayan Calendar ending was only ending, in terms of one of the cycles within the calendar. The Mayan Calendar extends past 2012 to many more cycles. There's no known end-date to the Mayan Calendar which also disproves the misconception of people believing in the 'end of days' theory because they heard the Mayan Calendar predicted the 'end of days' with the end of the Mayan Calendar's cycle. Some ill conceived notions had people believe that the ending of one of the Mayan Calendar's cycles would result in the end of times. But with Morgan Freeman researching the topic of the apocalypse, he attains a more developed understanding of the Mayan Calendar.

Freeman is going to lead the series to a long run on National Geographic.

Apart from disproving common misconceptions that most people have on existential dilemmas, Freeman's journey to discover how the world feels collectively on these topics is a huge success at it's start. While Freeman encountered people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and credos of life, for the most part they shared a collective yearning in this universe. Freeman went as far as to speak with a reformed religious radical, but the religious man's beliefs hadn't changed since he halted his radical actions; he'd only reverted to using the religious scriptures he followed in the context they were meant to be received, not through a warmongering regime bent on using those religious ideals to convince others in an effort to aid their cause. The dialogue ran heavy for several minutes between this individual and Freeman but the conversations definitely resonate with the audience.

The NatGeo series "Story of God with Morgan Freeman" will likely continue for several more seasons. Morgan Freeman has been known for his charismatic attitude in every project he's done and he brings that magic with him in "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman". The two previous episodes of the series have already cemented the "Story of God with Morgan Freeman" as one of 2016's need-to-watch television series.

Do you want to see more of Morgan Freeman in the new "Story of God with Morgan Freeman"? Or does the series lack something i'm not seeing? Leave your thoughts below.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman airs Sundays at 9PM/ET on the National Geographic Channel(NatGeo). Hosted and narrated by Morgan Freeman.


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