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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
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Get ready to start laughing till your sides hurts, The CW announced the return of their popular sketch comedy TV series MADtv. They recently aired a 20th anniversary episode this year, which brought back many of the original casts members, and the special brought in 1.7 million viewers when it aired.

The CW has order eight hour-long episodes for the new series, and it's reported that some of the original cast members will make appearances as hosts for each episode. The CW hasn't put out a statement addressing which former cast members will be returning, but I'm sure you all have a list of favorites who you're hoping to see in new series.

Like the former series, the new one will feature pop-culture parodies and politically incorrect humor, reports Deadline. Telepictures is producing the series and along with Mark Teitelbaum, John Montgomery and original producer David Salzman. Discussing the renewal of the series, Salzman commented:

"The 'MADtv' franchise is as vibrant as ever thanks largely to social and digital media appealing to a fan base numbering in the millions that relates to the show's brand of authentic and irreverent cross-cultural comedy... We will continue to present the hard-hitting, laugh-out-loud, wall-to-wall pop culture parody our fans expect, but in a fresh new way."

The original TV series aired in 1995 and ended in 2009, with 14 seasons and 300 episodes, airing Saturday nights on Fox. Looks like SNL might have a rival on their hands soon. There is no set premiere date for the new MADtv series yet, but I'm sure they will release one soon and hopefully it will still air on Saturdays. I'm so glad MADtv is coming back, it was such a staple of my childhood. Having it return is amazing, can you feel my hype?!

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