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Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek go hand in hand. The late actor portrayed the iconic human vulcan hybrid, Spock, from the initial TV pilot in 1966, all the way to his final film appearance in 2013.

Although Zachary Quinto donned the prosthetic ears for the rebooted series, Nimoy was still heavily involved, playing a future version of the character in 2009's Star Trek and its follow up, 2013's Into Darkness.

'It's Something You'll See In The Film'

Nimoy appearing as Spock (Credit: Paramount Television)
Nimoy appearing as Spock (Credit: Paramount Television)

Sadly, Nimoy passed away in February last year, aged 83. But that doesn't mean his presence won't be felt in the latest addition to the franchise, Star Trek: Beyond, due for release this summer.

In an interview with Film Journal International, director Justin Lin confirmed that the actor's death would be worked into the script. He said:

"It's something you'll see in the film. It obviously affected everybody because he's been a big part of our lives. There's an attempt to acknowledge that in some way."

An Example Of Grace And Fulfilment

And, granted, it'll feel a little strange having a Star Trek movie without Nimoy's involvement. His cool portrayal of Mr. Spock, spanning over four decades, made him one of the most popular TV creations of all time.

His shared scenes with protégé Zachary Quinto were rich with a delicate poignancy, demonstrating a mutual respect that transcended the screen. Quinto himself spoke of his admiration and respect for the actor in an article he wrote for

"I lost my own father when I was very young, so to have this man come into my life and resonate so many qualities to which I aspire, and be such an example of dignity and grace and fulfillment — that was the part of it that so far exceeded any expectations I could have had."
Quinto and Nimoy share the screen (Credit: Paramount)
Quinto and Nimoy share the screen (Credit: Paramount)

'Star Trek: Beyond' will be released on 22nd July 2016.

What are your fondest memories of Leonard Nimoy as Spock?

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