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Now, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's box office total looking increasingly unlikely to reach the coveted $1 billion mark, it's perhaps not overly surprising that the movie's forthcoming "Ultimate" edition, a 30 minute longer R-rated cut of the film, is being tipped by industry insiders to receive a cinematic release. After all, were that to nudge Batman v Superman's total earnings over $1 billion, it'll likely be a whole lot easier for senior executives at Warner Bros. to label the movie an unmitigated success, rather than dwell on the tarnishing effect of its critical skewering and evidently indifferent fan response.

Whether or not we do ultimately see the extended edition on the big screen, though, one large, hulking question remains:

Just What Is The Extended Edition Going To Bring To The Table?

After all, the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman was already pretty darned lengthy, suggesting that there could actually be some pretty meaty stuff that was only cut for time. Thankfully, we don't all have to head off and pore over every last rumor the internet has to offer in order to find out what, since intrepid YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies has gone and done that for us.

Now, that there video contains a whole lot of interesting details about what we can expect to see — none of which I'm going to talk about here, for the sake of SPOILER-avoidance. It also, however, contains a particularly intriguing piece of concept art, that seems to suggest that...

We Almost Saw A Very Different Armored Batsuit In The Movie

Specifically, that one, which seems to bear as much resemblance to the New 52 era armored batsuit...

...or indeed to the even more recent (Commissioner Gordon-containing) robo-batsuit... it does to the Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns-infused design that we saw in the final movie:

In the end, though, the biggest question still left lingering?

What do YOU think?


Would you go and see an Extended Cut of 'Batman v Superman in theaters?

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