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Lilo and Stitch has a dirty little secret, and it was not prepared to tell anyone until now.

The movie takes place in the present day! An observant Redditor with the username Scarlet Speedster has made the startling realization that the story of the universe's most wanted yet lovable extraterrestrial is set in the time of the audience.

Two days ago the speedster said:

TIL [today I learned] that Lilo & Stitch is one of the few Disney animated feature films to take place in the present day.

Remind yourself of the classic trailer from 2002:

The comedy-drama follows the exploits of mischievous and dangerous alien Stitch after he crash-lands on Hawaii. He befriends a young girl called Lilo who civilizes him.

6 Other Disney Movies Set In Present Day

Our Hawaiian buddies weren't the only ones to hit the big screen in the present day. Others include:

6. 'Dumbo' (1941)

The setting of everyone's favorite flying elephant may look antiquated now, but part of the appeal for audiences was that they could relate to the exotic creatures visible at that time in circuses.

5. '101 Dalmatians' (1961)

The captivating story of Cruella de Vil was based on a book of the same name by Dodie Smith that had been published just five years before.

4. 'The Rescuers' (1977)

The adventure movie about mice centered about the Rescue Aid Society is set in New York, where viewers would have recognised familiar architectural features.

3. 'Oliver & Company' (1988)

The movie about the adventures of a homeless kitten called Oliver was based on Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist, which was set in London. To make the movie more marketable they moved the setting to New York with a familiar skyscraper-studded skyline.

2. 'Bolt' (2008)

Once again Disney takes to the streets of the Big Apple with Bolt, voiced by John Travolta, as he rampages across the country in search of his owner Penny.

1. 'Wreck-It Ralph' (2012)

A movie about the stars of arcade games — like Ralph, King Candy and Fix-It Felix, Jr. — had to be set in the present day to enable its characters to exist.

Can You Name Other Animated Movies Set In The Present Day?

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