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The force may have once been strong with Ewan McGregor — having starred in the three Star Wars prequel movies as Jedi Master, Obi Wan Kenobi — yet the mind tricks acquired during this time don't seem to have helped him much. Although you won't have seen McGregor in The Force Awakens - you may have heard him. He had a one line cameo part - one line - and he can't remember what it was.

Yes, despite having contributed to the biggest movie of all time, the 45-year-old doesn't really seem to have a clue what was going on. Talking to Graham Norton, he recalls recording "a little line in it, or something," but as to where his voice part lies in the $935 million grossing movie, he just can't remember.

It's debatable whether McGregor has even seen the movie at all and actually, you've got to respect his honesty. He thinks the character is called Rey, which is a good start, and then jokingly recalls, "they wanted a line of dialogue that said, 'Reyyy."" And well, yeah, that's about it.

He did remember though, is that they mixed vocal recordings from McGregor and the late Alec Guinness to create the snippet - so that's pretty cool!

Watch his amusing interview with Graham Norton below:

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