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One of the standout aspects of the successful Daredevil TV series are its fight sequences — breathtakingly brutal, gritty and just awesome to watch. We feel every punch, every kick, and every damaging blow Matt Murdock receives while battling to protect Hell's Kitchen.

But while Charlie Cox works hard to portray the man behind the mask, a huge bulk of the behind-the-scenes work lies in making the fight scenes look authentic. Step forward, Chris Brewster — the man response for THAT corridor scene and THAT stairwell scene.

Comparing The Fighting Styles Of Marvel Heroes

Charlie Cox and stunt man Chris Brewster.
Charlie Cox and stunt man Chris Brewster.

Brewster has had a significant impact, both literally and metaphorically, on the Marvel Universe, not only acting as stunt coordinator for The Man Without Fear, but also standing in for Captain America's Chris Evans.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, Brewster, who has featured in films including Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Winter Soldier, spoke of the challenges of choreographing fights for the screen:

"Captain America, he’s super strong and powerful, so he doesn't necessarily need to worry about being a defensive fighter, he doesn't have to worry about getting attacked. ... [His] style is a bit more 'one hit, one kill.'
"[Daredevil's] style has to reflect that if he actually gets hit, it’s going to hurt. Rather than letting people hit him and hitting them 10 times harder, he has to block and counter and avoid getting hit."

'I Saw How He Visualized The Character'

Brewster as Captain America, and on set with Charlie Cox
Brewster as Captain America, and on set with Charlie Cox

Brewster also spoke of his admiration for Charlie Cox and the relationship he has with the actor. Unlike many projects where there isn't much interaction between actor and stunt double, the 33-year-old British actor realized the importance of building a relationship and telling Daredevil's story through combat. He added:

"I was able to put that into every punch and every kick that Daredevil threw, because I saw how he visualized the character. It was a really amazing and rewarding experience, because I've never put that much time into the acting aspect of the character as obviously an actor would."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the trained martial artist declared the stairwell fight in Season 2 as his favorite moment, in part thanks to being able to share a lot of the action with Charlie Cox, explaining the pair "literally jump back and forth" while filming.

Watch the genius clip below:

What is your favorite 'Daredevil' fight scene?

Source: The Daily Dot


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